Trainings on Communications and Personal Effectiveness

Professional Emotional Burnout

We live so rapidly that even sometimes we do not have time to understand what led us to this or that situation. And the topic of emotional burnout is highly relevant lately for many managers, managers, entrepreneurs, HR directors and HR managers, and sales force employees. This seminar is designed for everyone who loses the taste of life and is not already satisfied with himself, for those who want to understand themselves and others.

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Master class "Mastery of public speaking"


Acquaintance with the main mechanisms of effective and effective performance.

Improving your own public speaking skills.


  • Types of public speaking and preparation for them;
  • Speech structure;
  • Work with the audience;
  • Energy of speech;
  • Poses and gestures of a successful speaker;
  • Speech technique: diction, breath, voice;
  • Ways to interest and attract the attention of the audience;
  • Ways to overcome excitement, struggle with stress;
  • Conduct in difficult situations (tricky questions, objections, publicly expressed hostility, etc.);
  • Public speaking in front of a microphone; performance on radio and television.

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Personal Efficiency in Multitasking Conditions or How to Spend Your Time on the Main

You will be able to effectively perform all the tasks of your TO-DO / WISH sheet; learn how to prioritize; learn to concentrate, and keep the focus on the main thing; learn to switch quickly without losing effectiveness; learn to bring your affairs to the end; get the skill of "finalizing projects"; be able to increase the number of your projects; and most importantly - keep balance and harmony in your life without losing its intensity.

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