International MBA in Ukraine

The uniqueness of the program

Classeses Start on October 25-26, 2024

KROK Business School training program International MBA by the formula "1+1". The essence of the formula is that learning to Program General MBA of KROK Business School, students may, with the second semester in parallel to study on-line Program of Swiss Montreux Business School (hereinafter referred to SMBS, Montreux, Switzerland). Thus, after half of the course the graduate program International MBA gets 2 degrees: an MBA from the KROK Business School and Diploma of Master of Business Administration SMBS.

Swiss Montreux Business School

KROK Business School has strategic partnerships with SMBS, which is a recognized European partner University in the field of educational services business administration. SMBS has the highest state accreditation of the Swiss Government. In Swiss Montreux Business School students from more than 70 countries of the world.

SMBS is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences . Development program International MBA is an added advantage for the future career and will help graduates to find work. The graduate receives a Diploma of Master of Business Administration SMBS, which has a state registration in Switzerland, and the name of the graduate shall be entered in the General Information System of SMBS.

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Advantages of the program:

  • Distance learning;
  • Training materials and individual tasks in English and Russian languages (optional);
  • Flexible learning;
  • Individual course duration (5-8 months);
  • Cost of on-line course from SMBS € 2 500.

Example of individual task

Diploma in recognition of SMBS

The diploma of Ministry of Education of Ukraine and the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine on recognition of SMBS in the system of foreign education

International MBA provides such advantages of graduates:

  • MBA from Ukraine, quickly gained international status;
  • If the graduate will decide in the future to go to study in the EU , thanks to the cooperation with SMBS and recognition Swiss Diplomas in the world, all subjects successfully studied by the student will be re-credited by the University of the EU
  • Diploma of Master of Business Administration SMBS provides graduates with significant competitive advantages in the employment of it in times of crisis

Diploma SMBS

Each graduate of International MBA Program get Diploma in Master of Business Administration SMBS. Original Diploma Form contains a unique number that is registered in a General Information System of SMBS.

At the request of graduate he also provided a copy of the Diploma, made by special technology on the metal plate and on the basis of mahogany for mounting on the wall.

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