Master of Business Administration programs

What is an MBA?

Degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) - an internationally recognized professional degree in business management.

MBA - universal and powerful tool for existing managers and those who wish to gain practical management skills to apply them in a variety of business areas.

MBA Value

Participation in the program Master of Business Administration:



It gives new
useful links
enhances the personal and professional significance, facilitates employmentopens up new horizons of career and financial growth

For any company personnel with MBA Degree - it is an invaluable asset.

Managers with MBA Degree are universal, effective, they not afraid to take responsibility and are able to implement complex projects in various business fields.

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3 reasons to study in the MBA program in Ukraine:

  • You will be able to combine business training and work.
    You do not need to leave the country to receive two diplomas MBA - BSK KROK University and Swiss Montreux Business School, a system of knowledge about business management and develop powerful skills. Excellence, continuing to live the usual life!
  • You will gain a quality international education.
    Through the MBA program BSK, fully compliant with the national standards of Ukraine and international standards of Switzerland, you will increase your value in the global labor market and build their own self-realization strategy. Swiss diplomas are recognized in any of the EU countries, so you wish to be able to qualify for a job abroad.
  • You get the opportunity to choose any of the 3 formats of MBA Programs at a fair price.
    With an MBA BSK you save significantly by acquiring real knowledge without the cost of flights, accommodation abroad and pay a more expensive education. Although the option for MBA students - training in the Netherlands in one of the partner Schools as possible. At least 70% of the information in BSK MBA Programs is not an academic matter, namely the practice. Teachers, who have MBA Degree and successfully realize themselves in the business, share their experience.

Choose any of the 3 options for MBA Programs!

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General MBА

The course for business executives, entrepreneurs, people who have their own business.
At 100% meets the standards of the international organization

International MВA

Training on "1 + 1" program: in addition to the student receives a diploma MBA of KROK Business School second diploma Master of Business Administration legendary  Swiss School

Міні MВA

Intensive studies in a module format, aim of that- in the maximally compressed terms to help listeners to get the complex forming of effective leaders'  skills; to become acquainted with the most actual technologies and business-instruments.

And yes, training in KROK Business School breaks stereotypes.

Forget about the standard of university lectures! You will meet interesting guest-speakers (successful Ukrainian businessmen), work on the creation of its own brand, drawing a unique life strategy, games, acting lessons, and other unformatted event!

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Intensive training in an evening or weekend format, which - as soon as possible to help students acquire new management skills to meet the most pressing technology and business tools.