Trainings and seminars - Marketing and sales

Programm «Marketing for non-marketers»

  • Successfully combines classic and innovative technologies,
  • Provides the SME manager or owner with tools for marketing management and resource optimization,
  • Promotes stable activity and growth of the company's profit.


Programm «Sales Мanagement»

covers four key areas:

  • Companies – is there a strategy for what it where to go, what we want and how we go
  • People – is there a team, principles of formation, competence, teamwork, communication
  • Technology – the tools of efficiency, the use of CRM, marketing tools
  • Money – cost, cost, profit, return on investment, profitability, business growth


Online training «Fundamentals of ABM marketing»

The purpose of the program:

When knowledge and skills in ABM marketing are definitely necessary for the company:

  • Insufficient effectiveness of marketing and sales interaction.
  • The company has several different areas of activity, different employees are responsible for sales for each, and there is no overall picture and strategy for sales development.
  • If the customer segments are numerous and significantly different from each other.
  • The presence of large and important customers who need to be given an end-to-end ideal customer experience from "A to Z", regardless of which of the employees the client personally contacts at different stages of the transaction
  • If the goal is set to increase sales, clearly and systematically building upselling and cross-selling
  • Get acquainted with the marketing technology used by the monsters of the "reddest" markets.


Artificial intelligence for productive SMM: CHAT GPT and CANVA in action

The goal of the master class: to help participants understand and use the potential of artificial intelligence in the field of social media marketing to increase the productivity and efficiency of their work


Workshop «Application of Digital tools to promote and sell integrated products»

Goal: To form the knowledge of participants about the possibilities, terminology, methods and tools for finding new customers and lead generation using the Internet, namely:

  • Social networks and platforms - FB + Instagram (PPC + lead generation);
  • Google search engine - AdWords (PPC);
  • E-mail services (automated mailings and scripts);
  • Messengers and other mass messaging systems;
  • Aggregators and referral networks;


Training «Category management. СAT MAN 4U»

Goals of training:

  • Understand the basic principles of working with CAT MAN
  • Understand the risk factors and the success of CAT MAN
  • Understand and master the basic stages of work with CAT MAN
  • Master the special techniques used in CAT MAN
  • Combine theory with practice - your case studies
  • CAT MAN - Questions \ Practice \ Feedback


Workshop «Sales and Negotiations. International Experience»

We spend 100% of our active life in the sales and negotiation process, defending the interests of the company or our own interests. For successful negotiations, it is necessary to form a perception of negotiations as a systematic activity: from planning / developing arguments to concluding a deal.

Sitting down at the negotiating table, you must always remember that negotiations and sales directly depend on the development of communication skills and a flexible behavioral position.


Training Sales Increasing. Kiev

Recently, corporate seminars and trainings have become increasingly popular, the task of which is to increase the skill of sellers. Companies do not spare their money and time, inviting the best coaches to teach employees how to properly sell to increase sales. A seminar on increasing sales of Kiev has been ended, but in the work of some sellers nothing has changed. What is the problem? Perhaps it''s the coach who failed to teach training participants how to work properly? Is it possible to divide sellers into good and bad? No, because the possibilities of the human body are unlimited, they just need to be uncovered. And all the seminars and trainings are aimed precisely at revealing the person, teaching him to do his job qualitatively, with the maximum impact. These techniques are written by successful sellers, businessmen, picky shoppers, psychologists, sociologists, that is, they are made up by an entire army of professionals from all fields of activity. Programs aimed at increasing sales, uniquely working. The problem is in the professionals. Approach proper organization like ours and ask for training or seminars to increase sales. With us the first results you will notice very soon.

Sales Trainings and Seminars. Kiev

Let's try to imagine a successful sales employee: this is a person who looks good, ambitious, energetic, active. Speaking of psychotypes, this is a typical sanguine person, but certainly not phlegmatic or melancholic. The mad rhythm of work leads to professional "burnout" and subsequent dismissal. Therefore, management should periodically conduct trainings and seminars for its employees, where all conditions for the exchange of experience and recreation are created.      Such seminars are organized by our business school. At these events we offer effective methods of sales, business practices of the most successful domestic and foreign companies. Our seminars are held in a lively and interactive atmosphere, which facilitates the exchange of information between participants. All our trainers, coaches and instructors are high professionals with huge practical experience. We guarantee that after taking the seminar sales will go up.