MBA Advisory Board

The MBA Advisory Board which cooperates with the business school, is a common practice in developed countries of the world. Usually, such boards consist of graduates of MBA programs who have been studying in programs.

Collaboration in a variety of forms and formats and partnerships with MBA graduates of different years contributes to the implementation of a better world practice in the activities of the KROK Business School and helps better respond to business needs. MBA Board is a real voice of business.

The main task of the MBA Advisory Board is to provide guidance, advice and recommendations to the management of the University, Business School faculty and staff on improving the quality of MBA programs, updating them. Board members contribute through proposing a new training courses, making recommendations on implementing modern, advanced teaching methods, generating ideas for developing new programs for future generations of students.

MBA Advisory Board is created on voluntary basis and Board membership is honorable and noble.

The first constituent meeting of the Advisory Board of the MBA was held on June 2, 2018.

Board Members

Evgenii Derkach
Nataliya Lebed’
Dmytro Kovshun
Viacheslav Panasiuk
Ruslan Petrov