Mini MBA Program. Distance Study

Mini MBA - Personal Professional Development.

  • 1 Induction module

  • 10 courses

  • 1 complex project

  • 1 complex certification exam

  • International Professional Certificate in Management

Duration of Study – 9 Months

Program Content

  • Economics for Managers
  • Modern Management
  • Legal Environment for Business
  • Business Model
  • Marketing Management
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Managerial Accounting
  • People Management
  • Employee well-being and resilience
  • Managerial Communications & Art of Presentation

Format of Study

  • Training in all courses of the program
  • Training in some courses
  • Distant Format - online classes according to the schedule, self-study with materials,homeworks, tests, exams, defense of the final project in offline format.

Study Days Thursday-Sunday, once per month

Tuition fees for the Mini MBA program

  • 119 900 UAH

Important! For graduates of the Mini MBA program entering the General MBA, MBA IT, MBA Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing programs, the cost paid for training on the Mini MBA program will be deducted from the cost of training for the General MBA, MBA IT, MBA Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing programs.

About the program

Program objectives

Training in modern professional competencies and skills necessary for managers to effectively implement the strategic goals of the company, a new level of understanding of the business, acceleration of professional and career growth.

Target audience

The program is focused on mid-level managers, heads of structural divisions of large companies, owners and managers of small and medium business.

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Student Reviews

During the training, students will be able to:

  • Understand the business as a whole;
  • To develop a strategy based on the model values;
  • Manage personal and group effectiveness;
  • Convert efficiency of the personnel in the company's profi;
  • Understand, regulate and optimize key business processes;
  • To increase the company's profit due to the special technology marketing;
  • Understand and implement budgeting of the company;
  • Identify and prevent strategic and operational risks;
  • To establish an effective sales system.


After completing the course, successful testing and protection of his own project development company participants will receive:

  • Certificate program Mini MBA of KROK Business School.
  • Certificate on improvement of professional skill of the state sample "Head of enterprises, institutions and organizations.
  • Baltum Büroo OÜ international certification at KROK Business School.

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Students receive personalized set of training materials for each of the modules, workbooks, maintenance, access to information resources of KROK Business School, which are included in the tuition. In addition, you can optionally purchase a authoring, manuals and textbooks in the disciplines of management audit and advice from the trainers of the course.

Our graduates work in companies: