MBA Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing

Participants of the program: owners of small and medium-sized businesses, senior and middle managers, heads of structural subdivisions of large and medium-sized companies, heads of pharmacy chains, heads of pharmacies.

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The MBA program specializing in pharmaceutical management and marketing harmoniously combines issues of general management, business management, understanding of economic patterns, the development of soft skills with specialization in the management of pharmaceutical companies and companies.

After the end of the MBA program with a specialization in pharmaceutical management and marketing, participants acquire knowledge, skills and competencies that will help: Think strategically and systematically.

  • Create an atmosphere for innovation
  • Manage the processes in the organization
  • Increase personal competitiveness

The MBA program specializing in pharmaceutical management and marketing will help each participant to become an effective manager of the pharmaceutical business, to discover and realize their own managerial potential, as well as the potential of their subordinates and business in general.

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The program consists of 6 blocks:

Block 1 - Understanding the business landscape

  • Economics for Managers
  • Financial and managerial accounting
  • Business statistics and modeling
  • Data Science for Business  
  • Legal environment of doing business

Block 2 - Functional areas of activity

  • Basics of marketing
  • Marketing management
  • Financial management
  • Project management
  • Operational management *

Block-3 - Improving Management Performance

  • Strategic management of human capital
  • Professional management
  • Business Change Management

Block 4 - Strategy of life

  • Business ethics and effective communication
  • Creating and developing a personal brand *
  • Management of Mini Habits and HLS *

Block 5 - Business Strategies Without Borders

  • Digital Marketing
  • Corporate reputation *
  • International business and markets
  • Management of risks
  • Strategic solutions
  • Service and sales *

Block 6 - Specialization

  • Pharmaceutical marketing
  • Category management*
  • Pharmaceutical management
  • Pharmaceutical law

Integration thesis project

2 courses of choice from the marked *


 The core of the program is its instructors. The implementation of an external and comprehensive balance of theory and practice is the main task of the program. Practice - application of advanced knowledge and innovations became the priority of the program, defining, in turn, the filling of the courses of the program and instructors, which included experienced specialists of national and international pharmaceutical companies.

Instructors specializing in Pharma is a highly professional team of well-known Ukrainian and foreign instructors-practitioners who combine in teaching a solid academic potential with knowledge of the practice of Ukrainian and international business.


  • Case-method

  • Business games

  • Individual and group assignments and projects

  • Presentations

  • Debate and discussion in the audience

  • Visits in the company

  • Meetings with guest speakers

Training on the program requires serious attitude and well-organized independent work. In the period between modules, students work independently with textbooks, do homework, work on case studies, projects.



1 year 4 months

Modular, convenient for working people, allows you to combine work with study.

4 training days, once a month from Thursday to Sunday.


  • At least 3 years of management experience

  • Higher education: bachelor, specialist, master

  • High motivation to learn

  • Desire not to stop in professional development



  • Determine the choice of the program of study at the business school;

  • Fill in the application form;

  • Write an essay on the subject - "My expectations from the MBA and personal contribution to the program";

  • Take a recommendation from a colleague or supervisor;

  • Set a date and go through interviews and testing at a business school

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