International Unicert Certification at KROK Business School

Each certificate can be checked for validity upon request.

KROK Business School has successfully passed Unicert accreditation of the German certification authority DAkkS, which is engaged in corporate and individual certification. Unicert is a member of the Universal GmbH family, has DAkkS accreditation, which is recognized worldwide.

International experts on the principles of independent and transparent assessment carried out evaluation of the KROK Business School programs.

Now graduates of programs, having confirmed the level of knowledge and successfully passed the international certification exam, can become owners of certificates:

  • Professional in General Management (PGM)
  • Professional in Human Resource Management (PHRM)
  • Professional in Creativity (PC)
  • Professional in Lean Production (PLP)

International certification provides a huge advantage for the career development of specialists in the national and global labor market, for organizations, because testing knowledge and confirming the skills of employees significantly raises the level of quality of work performed, which helps to increase business efficiency and growth.