Generative AI and the Roles of Business School Teachers

With more than a year’s worth of generative artificial intelligence (AI) experience under our belts, what has been its impact, we wonder? Is generative AI an existential threat to the education industry as we know it? Or does it bring an abundance of new opportunities to enhance or accelerate our students’ learning? Or both? In our view, answering these questions requires examining the roles that we teachers play in our students’ learning journeys.


Who is a leader and how to become one?

Leadership is[a][b] a multifaceted concept. It can be attributed to a type of power with a top-down orientation or the desire of people to follow people to achieve a common goal. It determines the ability of a single person or several persons to motivate, organize, direct, influence others for the realization of common goals. We suggest getting acquainted with the essence of this concept, theoretical aspects, types of leaders and their inherent qualities.


Who is a mediator and what is he responsible for?

Various conflicts are quite often resolved in court. Each side believes that only its position is correct, which does not contribute to solving the problem. Mediation can help resolve the conflict peacefully. It is about her that we will talk about. Read the article to the end to learn about mediation, the features of its application, as well as to get answers to questions about who a mediator is and what he does.