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Calendar of workshops

Calendar of Workshops

Creative Thinking in Business

The program Creative thinking Basics is the first step to becoming a creative thinker

A constant pile of ideas, but you couldn't figure out which one would really lead to success? There are many thoughts, but what to do with them? This program is for you if you are a person who always had a lot of ideas and non-standard solutions, but did not know how to effectively use them in reality. Creative thinking will become an indispensable tool in business life, so it is ideal for business owners, authors of business ideas, top managers, marketers, art directors, designers, content authors, project managers, lean managers, specialists, managers and members of NGOs - non-governmental public organizations, facilitators of strategic sessions.

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Online program “Create for Ukraine”

Create for Ukraine is an international initiative created to provide creative support to Ukrainians during the war. We believe that creativity and the ability to innovate are important qualities for finding optimal solutions during difficult life circumstances. KROK Business School invites you to the online program for the development of creative thinking “Create for Ukraine”. Let's learn how to create something new!

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Seminar "New product: from idea to realization"

During the seminar, participants will be able to learn not only to formulate unique and necessary ideas, but also to launch a pilot project step by step. Each participant will get into the atmosphere of creative coworking and will have the opportunity to work directly during the seminar on one project - from idea to step by step implementation.

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Seminar "Creative leadership and team creative potential activation"

Creative leadership is the ability to lead a team, one of whose tasks is to create and implement innovative solutions, especially during difficult situations and changes. Creative leaders in periods when everything is changing, while new approaches are not yet known, can create clarity of goals for their teams and motivate them to achieve these goals. These are leaders who seek to turn in favor of the unpredictability around them, not only for the organization or themselves, but also for society as a whole and the ecology of the planet.

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Seminar "Creative business problem solving"

Formation of creative thinking is one of the key abilities of an individual to generate many innovative viable solutions to business problems.

The relevance of the seminar is due to the fact that creativity is among the Top-10 most sought-after specialist skills (according to the World Economic Forum) today.

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Trainings and Seminars Logistics and Purchasing

Professional negotiations for purchasers

Train participants in conducting strategic negotiations, guided by the WIN-WIN principle to provide more profitable and long-term deals. In practice, try yourself in different roles, master the planning and preparation tools for negotiations.

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Effective supplier management and supplier search

Train participants to undertake a thorough analysis of suppliers' work using the tools they will receive during the workshop. Get acquainted with the lifecycle of working with suppliers (selection and evaluation of suppliers), learn to identify and measure the risks of the vendor and manage them effectively. Give participants a toolkit for organizing deliveries (e.g., RFX, RFQ templates, etc.) and tenders, and teach them to use them effectively to choose the right process to find and deliver the necessary materials or services. Learn to manage contracts and familiarize with the structure of contract templates.

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Category Management

To train participants providing a strategic understanding of how to use Category Management. Teach them to identify the needs of internal customers and segment costs by category. Give participants analysis tools and teach them to use them effectively. Teach to identify market risks and management technologies, to develop a general strategy for each category.

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Seminar "Effective client technology B2B and B2C"

In order to influence the situation, developed the workshop"Effective client technology B2B and B2C", aimed at communication skills with clients, using technology to interact with different segments and key customers, building management system, quality of service, application client-oriented approach .

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Mini MBA

To provide advanced professional competencies and skills required by managers to more effectively implement the company's strategic goals, to bring listeners to a new level of understanding of the business, to accelerate their professional growth.

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Express Training «Mastery of Public Speaking»

Goal: Mastering the mechanisms of effective self-presentation in front of a large audience. Improving one's own skills of effective public speaking.

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Workshop "Stress Management"

Workshop "Stress Management" will help you understand the nature of stress and which tools should be used to control your emotional state, determine the importance of setting goals and priorities, learn relaxation techniques, and get other useful information to help you master the techniques for stress reduction

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Workshop "The Art of Conflict Management - Reset"

The main objective of the Workshop: to help participants use the tools of conflict communication to achieve the objectives desired results in the negotiation and management.

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Workshop "Change Management"

Intensive immersion into the most interesting area for any of Person self-knowledge, in order to develop a major personality traits - self-actualization and proactivity.. 

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Finance for non-financial managers

The purpose of the training: to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in financial analysis and financial management for effective decision-making in their work.

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Financial analysis techniques

Learn how to operate financially within financial and managerial reporting; Learn how to work with multi-factor models; Mastering various techniques of financial analysis.

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Start Up

StartUp Basics

Throughout the program, participants will be involved in the process of creating and testing hypotheses of a real start-up - from finding an idea and testing hypotheses to creating a presentation for investors at an early stage of investment.

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Workshop "StartUp Guide"

Provision the necessary basic knowledge of the legal issues of running your business, risk analysis in the process of doing business, practical advice on optimizing business processes, legal mechanisms to protect your business.

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Communication and Personal Effectiveness

Professional emotional burnout: diagnosis, prevention, overcoming

During the training, participants will be able to learn:

  • recognize factors of stress and emotional professional burnout
  • determine the level of burnout and be able to form a self-recovery program
  • manage own self-motivation
  • to communicate ecologically
  • independently choose optimal reactions to events in the external world
  • be proactive and assertive
  • plan your antistress development

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Personal Efficiency in Multitasking Conditions or How to Spend Your Time on the Main

You will be able to effectively perform all the tasks of your TO-DO / WISH sheet; learn how to prioritize; learn to concentrate, and keep the focus on the main thing; learn to switch quickly without losing effectiveness; learn to bring your affairs to the end; get the skill of "finalizing projects"; be able to increase the number of your projects; and most importantly - keep balance and harmony in your life without losing its intensity.

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