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Calendar of workshops for 2018

Calendar of Workshops

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Effective Communication with Internal Client

To teach the participants to use effective communication strategy IDAR®, to persuade and inspire confidence when dealing with internal customers/key persons. To learn the method of identification of real causes of problems and how to install long-term partnerships with internal customers by overcoming these difficulties.

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Professional Negotiations for Buyers

To teach the participants conducting strategic negotiations, the principle of WIN-WIN for a more profitable and long-term transactions. In practice, try yourself in different roles, master planning and preparation for negotiations instruments.

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Effective Supplier Management and Search Providers

To teach the participants make a deep analysis of suppliers, using the tools that they will receive during the Workshop. To familiarize with the life cycle of work with suppliers (selection and evaluation of suppliers), learn how to identify and measure supplier risks and manage its effectively. To give participants tools for supply organization (for example: RFX templates, the RFQ, etc.) and tenders, and learn to use it effectively, to select the correct process of searching for and supply of necessary materials or services. Learn how to manage contracts and to familiarize with the structure of contracts templates.

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Category Management

To provide the participants with a strategic understanding how they can use the Category Management. Learn to identify the needs of internal customers and share the expenses by category. To provide participants with analysis tools and learn them to use its effectively. Learn to identify market risks and management technologies, to develop an overall strategy for each category.

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Seminar "Effective client technology B2B and B2C"

In order to influence the situation, developed the workshop"Effective client technology B2B and B2C", aimed at communication skills with clients, using technology to interact with different segments and key customers, building management system, quality of service, application client-oriented approach .

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Mini MBA

To provide advanced professional competencies and skills required by managers to more effectively implement the company's strategic goals, to bring listeners to a new level of understanding of the business, to accelerate their professional growth.

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Workshop "Stress Management"

Workshop "Stress Management" will help you understand the nature of stress and which tools should be used to control your emotional state, determine the importance of setting goals and priorities, learn relaxation techniques, and get other useful information to help you master the techniques for stress reduction

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The name of the Workshop^ "The Art of Conflict Management - Reset"

The main objective of the Workshop: to help participants use the tools of conflict communication to achieve the objectives desired results in the negotiation and management.

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Workshop "Change Management"

Intensive immersion into the most interesting area for any of Person self-knowledge, in order to develop a major personality traits - self-actualization and proactivity.. 

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Start Up

Програма "StartUp Basics"

Впродовж програми учасники будуть залучені до процесу створення та перевірки гіпотез реального старт-апу - від пошуку ідеї та перевірки гіпотез до створення презентації для інвесторів на ранній стадії інвестування.

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Програма «StartUp Guide»

 Надання необхідних базових знань з юридичних питань ведення свого бізнесу, аналіз ризиків в процесі ведення бізнесу, практичні поради оптимізації бізнес-процесів, юридичні механізми захисту бізнесу.


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