KROK Business School

BSK - KROK Business School is established in 2011 by KROK University, one of the largest private university in Ukraine. Our approach in management education is to find a synergy between the best world management approach and experience and deep knowledge of modern national business practices.

We offer the number of masters level and executive education programs designed to develop managers and executives at different stage of their careers.


Business School KROK is declared as recognized and influential player at the global business education market.

Our Mission

We create mindset of business leaders,
responsible for the future.



All we do at KROK Business School from designing and developing programs, creating training courses, introducing new tools and learning techniques, conducting research, stimulating the birth of innovations, adapting our expertise to customer needs is a reflection of our striving to be at the cutting edge of everything new, that is why our activity is based on following values:




We adapt our educational products to current and future market needs, shaping business education trends read more... , understanding the challenges and opportunities of the new digital era. For us, a flexible approach is important to meet the needs of all stakeholders. For us it is important to be opinion leaders and have powerful professional expertise. Moral and ethical principles such as courage, will, honesty and decency are important for us. read more... There are not just a words. We build equal relations with all interested parties in the atmosphere of trust, based on the moral code and value guidelines. We create new meanings and reveal the potential of each individual, transforming thinking read more... and freeing from patterns. We are an innovative space for mutually beneficial growth, in the center of which is the spirit of entrepreneurship and assistance in solving business problems. We are the part and participant of the global world, the priority for us is internationalization, diversity read more... and cross-cultural communication. We train business leaders and managers for the global world using the best international experience and modern national practices in training.



We value partnerships with our students, alumni, instructors, business, national and international communities of professionals from all over the world read more... , adopting best practices and generously sharing their and our own experience and best practices. We focus on practical tools for entrepreneurship development, implementing pragmatic approaches, creating platforms for introducing best practices to change the business and the world around us for the better future. We create opportunities of expressing ideas and creativity in the atmosphere of freedom. Freedom is when each member of the community gets the opportunity read more... to develop and display their talents and abilities. This is the freedom to choose the direction in which the individual wants to develop. We are aware of our social responsibility, so we are free to show our best competencies, qualities and talents. We are the community of free people who are aware of responsibility towards present and future generations. read more... We believe in a responsible choice and in the fact that each person can reveal his talent and develop abilities, choosing his own direction of development. Therefore we create opportunities for realizing the potential of each member of society.

BSK portfolio looks as follows:

In area of the Executive Development, KROK Business School focuses on manager's personal professional development and suggests over 10 open programs as well as custom-designed programs to meet the specific needs of individuals and their companies. More information:, office(at)