General МВА

The program is designed for those who want to develop yourself and your business, is focused on the audience, ability to inspire new ideas and with interest…

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International МВА

Ambitious students can make an international MBA program of the Swiss Business School Swiss Montreux Business School…

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Master of Global Business Management

The program is designed for ambitious individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who want an innovative and challenging business program and seek to broaden their scope of opportunity.

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Programs for Companies

Special projects that address the needs of the companies, developed under the specific goals, objectives and client groups to help solve urgent problems of a particular business…

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Modular Program

Unique programs for intensive training for managers of companies operating in different sectors and face similar problems ...

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Workshops and seminars

Workshops and seminars additional professional education offered and sold in the format of the day or in the evening format ...

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28 12 2019 Memorandum of cooperation has signed 23 12 2019 Mini MBA-19 successfully completed training 21 12 2019 An alternative dispute resolution in Ukraine to be! 18 12 2019 KROK Business School is ambassador of mediation in Ukraine 11 12 2019 KROK Business School is a partner of the annual Lean Forum 07 11 2019 World Creativity and Innovation Week 30 10 2019 The research of mediation issues will continue until December 10 23 10 2019 BSK develops creative thinking in Danone Ukraine 16 10 2019 KROK - BSK Business School participated in an international conference in Georgia 02 10 2019 #BSK faculty Oksana Sedashova talked about the most popular Soft Skills for a lawyer 16 09 2019 A new Mini MBA group has started 28 08 2019 The KROK Business School conducts research into the applications of mediation in business. 15 08 2019 KROK Business School — is a partner of the IX National Forum of Accountants and Auditors B - FUTURE 09 08 2019 General MBA Success Story: Dmitry Kovshun - owner of Luxeo 03 08 2019 Creating value 01 08 2019 BSK - KROK Business School is a partner of the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation (WCCI) 15 05 2019 Secrets of strategic marketing at BSK - KROK Business School 20 04 2019 Lean CGBL Training Program Students passed the exam successfully 11 04 2019 Creativity as a way of successful people thinking. Insights from the Florida Creativity Conference XVI. 09 04 2019 Managerial Effectiveness Development for New Standard Company 08 04 2019 Visual management tools at KROK Business School 28 03 2019 Training on PR and Effective Communication for Ukrainian Nuclear Society 06 03 2019 Current group of Lean experts completed the training program
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