Master of Science in Project and Process Management

To achieve strategic goals, organizations rely on a project-based approach, effective process management and successful completion of assigned tasks.

Project management acquires particular relevance within the framework of financial investments at the present time through various international projects in our state.

Program Philosophy

The program "Master of Project and Process Management" is based on three basic postulates:

  • Technical – preparation of the project plan, demonstrating knowledge of key and supporting plans such as scope, schedule, cost, quality, communications, resources and procurement; and the ability to develop a project management life cycle based on flexible plans for projects that fit their professional field.
  • Leadership – the ability to demonstrate advanced knowledge of project implementation principles such as value, governance, team, stakeholders, risk management, communications and leadership. Students will develop and improve team abilities after assessing personal strengths and weaknesses and improve the skills to lead a team and manage others.
  • Strategic - the ability to demonstrate knowledge of strategic planning, business process management, project analysis and management applied to large projects and programs. Students will be able to apply key project success factors such as value delivery systems, change management, complexity management, investing in active sponsors, and social responsibility and ethics.

Purpose of the program

The MSc in Project and Process Management program provides comprehensive training for specialists in project management applicable in various fields of activity.

Program participants with a wide range of professional responsibilities will study in detail the rationale for the project and its relationship to the organization's mission, including concept, planning, budget, resource allocation, implementation, and transition to a stable state.

The target audience

The MSc in Project and Process Management is useful for a wide range of career-oriented consumers working in:

  • Public sector;
  • Commercial firms of various activities;
  • Global companies;
  • IT companies;
  • Biotechnology companies;
  • Non-governmental organizations;
  • Educational organizations;
  • Medical institutions;
  • Investment funds;
  • Organizations involved in export activities

Program duration:: 16 months

Forma: modular (two weekends per month)

Location: Tabirna street, 30-32, Kyiv

Expected results

Graduates of the MSc in Project and Process Management program will possess the following knowledge and skills upon completion of the study program:

  • Demonstrate the use of standard project management tools and techniques
  • Define the characteristics of effective project management
  • Understand the role of the project manager in achieving the organization's strategic goals
  • Identify difficulties in the implementation of projects and ways to solve them
  • Understand the role of a project manager and possess the skills necessary to successfully lead a team

Requirements for candidates

  • Higher education: bachelor, master
  • Motivation to gain knowledge in project management
  • Desire to develop in the field of project management and related areas
  • Knowledge of English at intermediate level

Program structure

1 year of study forms general, professional and practical knowledge, skills and competencies

General and professional disciplines

Elective courses

Block 1

  • Business strategy and project management
  • Fundamentals of project management
  • Project-oriented organization and project office
  • Modeling of projects and business processes
  • Business project planning

Block 2

  • Fundamentals of business intelligence
  • Research methodology
  • Financial management in project management
  • Project resources and cost management
  • Contract and supplier management
  • Project risk management

Блок 3

Block 3

  • LEAN tools in project management
  • Agile – Agile methodologies in project management
  • Process management in a BPMN project
  • Project communication management
  • Management of organizational changes in projects and processes

Блок 4

Block 4

  • Organizational behavior
  • Project team management
  • Leadership
  • Creative technologies in project management
  • Fundraising
  • Project marketing
  • Management of innovative projects

Completion of a thesis qualification work

2nd year of study - specialized training and work on a graduation project. Students choose a specialization and complete a thesis

Teaching methods

  • Mini lectures
  • Practical exercises
  • Tests
  • Cases
  • Coursework
  • Graduation project

How to enter the program

After submitting a package of documents, candidates for the program are tested and interviewed by members of the Admissions Committee.

Candidates are admitted on a competitive basis.

Program Cost

UAH 108 thousand, flexible payment schedule.

There is a system of discounts for military personnel and other preferential categories.