Менеджмент и лидерство

Mini MBA

To provide advanced professional competencies and skills required by managers to more effectively implement the company's strategic goals, to bring listeners to a new level of understanding of the business, to accelerate their professional growth.

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Workshop "Conflict Management in the Organization"

Conflicts in the organization are danger or necessity? It is good when leaders and managers are able to manage the dynamics of conflict development. On the one hand, the inability to recognize and prevent a conflict can lead to various kinds of losses in the organization, such as poor reputation, information leakage, poor financial performance, employee inefficiency, and the emergence of an unfavorable social and psychological climate. On the other hand, understanding the importance of conflict situations and maneuvering them can give impetus to the development of the organization and become a driver of its growth. All that the leader and manager need to know about conflicts in the organization, you will get at the workshop.


Express Training «Mastery of Public Speaking»

Goal: Mastering the mechanisms of effective self-presentation in front of a large audience. Improving one's own skills of effective public speaking.

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Workshop "Change Management"

Intensive immersion into the most interesting area for any of Person self-knowledge, in order to develop a major personality traits - self-actualization and proactivity.. 

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