Strategy and Innovation Management

Project training seminar Business ReStart - "Business in War"

The new reality is business in conditions of war. Ukrainian business had to feel what the world of BANI is, but also live in this world.

It is always easier for businesses that have considered different scenarios to adapt and optimize their business.

Right now, many companies have a chance to build a new business management model and create a short-term development plan in times of crisis and uncertainty.

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Training «Transformational Leadership in Business»

In today's digital world, in which value orientations, the labor market paradigm and ways of managing people have changed, it is important for businesses to nurture a new generation of leaders in order to achieve high economic results using personal characteristics, relevant knowledge and strong leadership qualities.

The most important thing in business is the formation of leaders who are responsible for the people they manage, for the results, for the company and the development of the country's economy. It is strong leaders who are able to generate timely ideas and make decisions that will allow companies to stay ahead of competitors, to be more successful and brighter in their segment.

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The program "Creative thinking in business"

  • Do you want your company to be among the most innovative?
  • Want to learn how to effectively solve business problems using creative thinking strategies?

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Strategic thinking of Top Manager: from Ideas to Implementation

Strategic management training is designed for organizations that want to take a more attractive place in the market, more stable positions in the future, and see a horizon ahead, to which all employees will want to strive faster.

Strategy training includes best practices in strategic management and strategic planning, as well as the most successful modern strategies that have already led to the success of hundreds of organizations.

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Business Transformation: How to implement changes using the Design Thinking Method

Why Design Thinking is important in business environment today?

Challenges of the modern world:

  • Accelerated changes in all spheres of activity and industries. You need to be in constant motion: view processes, goods, services, business model, sales channels.
  • Only those companies that are capable of rapid adaptation to new conditions survive. Namely, they are ready and able to seek solutions quickly and effectively.
  • Linearity of thinking does not allow to make effective decisions. Increased the need to create cross-functional commands.

Design Thinking is a methodology of thinking and a tool that allows you to:

  • Take a fresh look at solving topical business tasks by studying customer needs, analyzing opportunities and risks, understanding the environment and ecosystem in which the organization operates;
  • work efficiently in cross-functional commands;
  • Create unique, unique, innovative solutions for customers, adhering to the core business focus.

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People and team management

Issues and Problems:

Program is a responce to address a vital issues and areas of responsibility of HR Manager or  director of department HR, CEO or company owner: 

  1. How to initiate, issue and sell an idea, offer to the owner or investors?
  2. How to learn to work in conditions of limited resources and new opportunities
  3. Attracting and retaining talent in the organization. What motivates people today to achieve high results and how to integrate the goals of the employee with the goals of the company
  4. Prioritization in conditions of an overabundance of information. How to manage more during the same time.
  5. Stages of the company's development
  6. Is past experience a friend or an enemy? What to rely on, creating new programs, services or developing new business models.
  7. How to develop adaptability and ability to diagnose a situation.
  8. Why classical Western theories do not work in the conditions of Ukrainian practice

Western theories on personnel management, the ability to work with them, analyzing and adapting to the realities of business in Ukraine.

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Crisis management in the company: reputation, information warfare and cyber hygiene

Information wars are another challenge of our time. The attacks of competitors, raids of services, mergers and acquisitions no longer end with the walls of your office, and in addition to the destroyed documents and the affected technology can cause the business much more damage. How to manage these risks in the long run, how to protect your reputation and business? We will not only talk, but also work out in practice.

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