Strategy and Innovation Management

The program "Creative thinking in business"

  • Do you want your company to be among the most innovative?
  • Want to learn how to effectively solve business problems using creative thinking strategies?

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Business Transformation: How to implement changes using the Design Thinking Method

Why Design Thinking is important in business environment today?

Challenges of the modern world:

  • Accelerated changes in all spheres of activity and industries. You need to be in constant motion: view processes, goods, services, business model, sales channels.
  • Only those companies that are capable of rapid adaptation to new conditions survive. Namely, they are ready and able to seek solutions quickly and effectively.
  • Linearity of thinking does not allow to make effective decisions. Increased the need to create cross-functional commands.

Design Thinking is a methodology of thinking and a tool that allows you to:

  • Take a fresh look at solving topical business tasks by studying customer needs, analyzing opportunities and risks, understanding the environment and ecosystem in which the organization operates;
  • work efficiently in cross-functional commands;
  • Create unique, unique, innovative solutions for customers, adhering to the core business focus.

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Executive HRM

Issues and Problems:

Program is a responce to address a vital issues and areas of responsibility of HR Manager or  director of department HR, CEO or company owner: 

  1. How to initiate, issue and sell an idea, offer to the owner or investors?
  2. How to learn to work in conditions of limited resources and new opportunities
  3. Attracting and retaining talent in the organization. What motivates people today to achieve high results and how to integrate the goals of the employee with the goals of the company
  4. Prioritization in conditions of an overabundance of information. How to manage more during the same time.
  5. Stages of the company's development
  6. Is past experience a friend or an enemy? What to rely on, creating new programs, services or developing new business models.
  7. How to develop adaptability and ability to diagnose a situation.
  8. Why classical Western theories do not work in the conditions of Ukrainian practice

Western theories on personnel management, the ability to work with them, analyzing and adapting to the realities of business in Ukraine.

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