Strategy and Innovation Management

Training workshop «STRATEGY Developed by the team»

The purpose of the program:

  • To provide participants with systematic knowledge and practical tools for conducting strategic sessions independently, their individual types or elements, or workshops on various topics.
  • Participants should leave with the understanding "now I know how/can do it" in their companies.
  • To provide a level of understanding of the organization of the strategic process, sufficient for qualified decision-making regarding invitations of external providers to hold strategic sessions, for conducting an effective and qualified dialogue with such providers, monitoring the quality of their services

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Webinar «Strategic session

by the team's own forces»

How to prepare for the strategy development process, conduct a strategy session and implement its results.

We will talk directly about the process of organizing strategy development, which includes not only holding a strategic session as such, but also quality preparation for it and the elaboration and implementation of the results. How can the team do this independently, without inviting external experts or facilitators, or how to consciously and qualitatively evaluate their proposals and work.

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Seminar «Strategy and Strategic thinking

of Top Manager: from Ideas to Implementation»

Strategic thinking is critical to business. No wonder today this is one of the key skills for 99% of vacancies for managerial positions.

Who Should Develop Strategic Thinking?

  • Leaders and managers. After all, every day they need to unite different people with one goal and set a common vector of movement. If the leader does not see the end point, the team may go in different directions, and resources will be wasted.
  • The team. In modern business, the manager sets a goal for the team, but the way to achieve it is chosen by the employees themselves. When you understand where and why you are going, you will find the best path to your goal much faster.
  • Every person. To not just dream, but to plan and create your future.

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