Seminar «Strategy and Strategic thinking of Top Manager: from Ideas to Implementation»

Trainer, Moderator - Anastasia Bortnik

Practitioner with 10 years of international experience in business consulting, including the UN

Business Trainer, Certified Personal Brand Consultant

MBA, PhD program speaker

Certified ISO 9001:2015 Business Process Manager

Author of over 40 publications

Coach for business and top managers

15 years teaching experience

10 years of international experience in business consulting

1,000+ hours of consultations

“I will help you that your team develop a strategic breakthrough in the new business reality!”

Sometimes all you need to do is make a wish to get what you want. But to achieve goals in your work and personal life, you need a clear plan of action and a well-thought-out strategy.

Strategic thinking allows you not to rely on a combination of circumstances, but to plan time and resources to achieve a goal, boldly take responsibility for its implementation and be confident in the result.

Today, when half of the professions die off faster than we have time to learn them, the ability to think strategically is becoming more and more important for every person.

Thinking strategically means knowing what you want and want, what resources you need to achieve your goal and how to use them. This trending skill helps you see the end result and think about the future.

Strategic thinking is critical to business. No wonder today this is one of the key skills for 99% of vacancies for managerial positions.

Who Should Develop Strategic Thinking?

  • Leaders and managers. After all, every day they need to unite different people with one goal and set a common vector of movement. If the leader does not see the end point, the team may go in different directions, and resources will be wasted.
  • The team. In modern business, the manager sets a goal for the team, but the way to achieve it is chosen by the employees themselves. When you understand where and why you are going, you will find the best path to your goal much faster.
  • Every person. To not just dream, but to plan and create your future.

The ability to think is a key skill of leaders and leaders of the next decade.

And these are not just big words, but the result of a study presented at the forum in Davos. Developing a strategic mindset for yourself and your team is becoming an obvious choice for Fortune 500 top executives. People with progressive views are able to create a strategy that will help the company take a leading position in the market, create its own niche and inspire the team to achieve ambitious goals.

  • best practices for developing strategic, critical and creative thinking
  • tools for strategic management and strategic planning,
  • as well as the experience of creating successful strategies that have contributed to the success of hundreds of companies.

Leading companies plan their activities in advance, setting future priorities at the end of the year. However, exhausted by a number of annual reports, the holiday hustle and the “let's go after the holidays” mood, teams are often unable to create a breakthrough plan for the next year.

The start of the new year full of strength and energy can breathe new life into your strategy, and training in strategic thinking can be an effective start to the new business season. New tools and practices will be useful not only for the development of the company, but also for personal growth!

As a result of the training, you and your team will:

  • Learn the peculiarities of thinking in the world of VUCA and BANI
  • Learn to use practical tools to develop strategic, critical and creative thinking
  • Learn the features of the formation of a strategy in a crisis
  • Develop a strategy taking into account external and internal factors and company resources
  • Learn how to improve the efficiency of asset use and identify additional resources to strengthen the company's competitiveness in the market.
  • Explore additional ways to increase customer loyalty
  • Master effective methods and techniques for collecting and managing analysis of organizational information
  • Identify and analyze the critical success factors of the company
  • Develop an annual action plan that takes into account external and internal variables
  • Learn to use the latest strategic management tools


  • One Day Intensive from 10:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.
  • Group Size not more than 15 participants
  • Individual Approach

Participation Cost

  • 1 participant – UAH 3 500 (without VAT)
  • 2 participants – UAH 3 000 грн (without VAT, per each)
  • 3 and more participants from one company – UAH 2500 ( without VAT, per each)

Cost Includes:

  • Handouts
  • Certificate
  • Coffee Breaks

Training program

1. Significance of strategy and strategic thinking for a company:

  • Features of thinking in the world of VUCA and BANI
  • Types of thinking and practical development tools
  • The strategy development process as the basis of strategic thinking
  • The essence and features of the strategy
  • Difference in strategic levels and timing
  • Evaluation of strategic opportunities and strategic choices
  • Improving the quality of the strategy
  • Results of practical implementation of strategic thinking

2. Mission, vision, strategic goals of the company

  • Vision and mission of the company
  • Strategic vision and corporate culture
  • Strategic goals of the company (methods and features of formation)
  • Strategic map
  • 3. Strategic analysis of the external environment of the company
  • Analysis of trends and features of environmental factors
  • Trend analysis model and its practical application
  • Industry market participants and industry attractiveness analysis

4. Strategic analysis of the internal environment of the company

  • Development of a systemic vision of a unit in an organization
  • Internal communication in the development of the company's strategy

5. Stages of formation of the company's strategy

  • PESTLE analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Protostrategy
  • Business model
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Goal Map
  • Strategic projects
  • Resources
  • Synchronization

6. Strategic business modeling

  • Basic elements of the business model canvas
  • Features of the formation of a business model based on the strategy
  • Innovative business model of the company, taking into account trends, vision and corporate culture

7. Tools for implementing the company's strategy

  • Ansof Matrix
  • Thompson-Strickland model
  • KPI system for effective implementation of the strategy