Creative thinking Basics

Trainer - Oksana Sedashova,

PhD, International Ambassador for Creativity in Ukraine.

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Level 1

The training format is available in two formats:

  • Offline: in Kyiv: September 26, October 3, 5, 10, 17, 24, 26, 2023. 17:00 – 20:00, KROK Business School.
  • Online: November 7, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, December 5, 2023. 17:00 - 20:00, Zoom.

Why creativity?

Creativity is a gift given to everyone in order to create beautiful and exciting scenarios of their lives, to feel the fullness of life through their own authenticity and manifestation of themselves in the world. This superpower will help you get through times of crisis with innovative solutions.

We all have creativity, but do we know how to use it correctly? We can help activate this skill for you and show you how to work with creativity in our everyday and business life!

That's why we created the program Creative thinking BASICS - the first step to creativity, which will help you understand the main aspects of creativity, learn about the basic concepts, approaches and strategies of creative thinking.

For whom?



A constant pile of ideas, but you couldn't figure out which one would really lead to success?


There are many thoughts, but what to do with them?


This program is for you if you are a person who always had a lot of ideas and non-standard solutions, but did not know how to effectively use them in reality.


Creative thinking will become an indispensable tool in business life, so it is ideal for business owners, authors of business ideas, top managers, marketers, art directors, designers, content authors, project managers, lean managers, specialists, managers and members of NGOs - non-governmental public organizations, facilitators of strategic sessions.

What will you get after completing the "Creative Thinking BASICS" program?

  • the ability to recognize innovative and viable ideas
  • more than 13 technologies for innovative creatives
  • powerful personal transformation into a creative thinker
  • an action plan for effective brainstorming
  • knowledge about "idea killers" and what not to do at different stages of the creative thinking process

Creative thinking BASICS in numbers:

  • 1 month of training
  • 21 classroom hours with a trainer
  • 2 ECTS credits
  • 7 classes
  • 13 creativity methods + 13 business cases

What professional skills can be obtained after completing the "Creative Thinking BASICS" program?

  • to create innovative viable ideas
  • easy to solve problems
  • scale your business


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1st class. 3 hours

Discovering creativity

  • Introduction to the theory of creative thinking.
  • How creative am I?
  • Creativity and creativity.
  • Various aspects of creativity.
  • Applied creativity. Signs of creative thinking.
  • Basic skills for creativity.
  • How to use and develop your creativity?
  • Creative personality. Formation of the creator's identity.

During the class, there will be a study of the concept of "creativity" and its manifestations, a study of the signs and elements of creative thinking, a test of one's own level of creative thinking, exercises to activate one's own creativity through the search for authenticity. We will plan strategies for the individual development of creativity.

2 classes. 3 hours

Psychology of creativity

  • The role of the conscious and unconscious in the creative process.
  • Activation of creative potential through sensory systems.
  • Fantasy, imagination, synesthesia. Improvisation.
  • Development of associative thinking: how to effectively combine strange things.
  • 4 phases of the creative process: correct formulation of the problem, generation, selection and activation of ideas.
  • Divergent and convergent thinking. Development of divergent thinking.

We will continue to activate your creative potential through the study of your own perception systems. Let's devote time to the development of imagination and fantasy. We transform the inner critic into the inner magician. We will dive into different phases of the creative process, we will think divergently.

3 classes. 3 hours

Correct formulation of the problem

  • Problem formulation: the ability to define what we are solving.
  • Gathering information: formation of proactivity, inquisitiveness, searching cognitive activity.
  • Framing and reframing: creative techniques for changing focus
  • KPI: Ideal End Result
  • Brainstorming: step by step

We will delve into the ability to see a problem from different angles and clearly define it. You will learn to imagine what ideal result you would like to achieve. You will learn the secrets of brainstorming correctly.

4 classes. 3 hours

Ideas generation techniques

  • Generation phase: what to do to come up with the most creative ideas?
  • 10 conditions for successful idea generation.
  • Transformation of the inner critic. Permission to generate ideas.
  • Techniques, methods and methods of generating ideas. Principles of changing parameters. Coaching questions. Patterns of thinking and speaking that stimulate creativity.
  • Incentives for generating ideas. The method of focal objects. Brainstorming based on images.
  • Methods of activating unconscious creativity.
  • Methods for generating ideas SCAMPER, Morphological Chest.

We will dive into the art of generating ideas. Only fantasy, imagination, permission to generate the most unexpected ideas - fantastic, strange, unrealistic. Because it is ideas like these that give life to real innovations.

5 classes. 3 hours


  • Insight and work with it.
  • Criteria for selecting ideas. Idea sorting matrix. COCD Box.
  • Questions to test viable ideas.
  • Convergent thinking.
  • The "Tennis of ideas" method.
  • CPS - Creative Problem Solving: the most famous method of creative problem solving.

You will learn to work with insights, determine the criteria for strong, dominant ideas, refine "raw" ideas. Master the harmonious transition from divergent to convergent thinking. You will know how to organize a team process of selecting ideas without conflict. Learn about the CPS method and go through all its phases, looking for solutions for a business case.

6 classes. 3 hours

Selection of ideas

  • Heuristics. Making rational decisions (according to Herbert Simon).
  • Correct goal setting for planning the idea implementation process.
  • Road map with stages of implementation of the idea.
  • Pitching: a framework for presenting an idea. Protection of the idea. Argumentation and persuasion.

You will learn the answer to the question of how to make the right decision. Get acquainted with the matrix of step-by-step preparation of an idea for implementation - from goal setting and expected result to terms and steps. Learn to be persuasive when presenting an idea.

7 classes. 3 hours

Preparation for

  • Training in the creative process and the use of various techniques: 4D stimulus, Mind Mapping.
  • Creative integration: formation of creative integrity. Formation of strategies for further development of creative thinking.
  • Internal states and creativity. Inspiration.
  • Presentations of own final creative projects.

The final class is devoted to the integration of all the studied material: from the affirmation of one's personality as a creative person to the formation of a further development plan. We will consolidate the skill to think creatively and properly organize the creative process. You will present the final certification assignment.

Studying in the Creative Thinking BASICS program involves completing homework and preparing a final project.

Program volume: 2 ECTS (60 hours):

  • 21 hours of classroom classes (7 classes x 3 hours)
  • 30 hours of independent preparation, homework, skill formation
  • 9 hours to complete the final project

Conditions of participation

The cost of participation is UAH 15,500

Duration of study - 1 month

7 classes in the evening

We provide a 5-12% discount for group orders (2 or more participants from one company), as well as for students and graduates of BSK. Contact the manager to find out the terms of your discount.

Participants receive:

  • Author's handouts
  • Constant support of the coach
  • Administration of participants
  • Coffee breaks
  • Certificate of advanced qualification of the state model


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