Thank you all for the ability to convey the most important and relevant information in a very interactive way, for a good mood, for a change of attitude towards the education system. For new views and revaluation of values. I will earn my first million and invite all your BBQ!

Alina Fedorova
Trade marketing Manager 
Reckitt Benckiser Household and Healthcare Ukraine


A huge Thank you to the faculty of the program Mini MBA for training and providing maximum fun and informative classes. Best wishes!

Boruta Igor


Thank you for new knowledge and refreshing old ones. Pleasant, experienced teachers with strong practical experience! Interesting classes! Am sure that it will be useful in career, financial growth!

Gorelik, Alexander


Thank you for new knowledge, competence and time very well spent.

Gushenko Nikita
Manager Intertelecom LTD


Thank you for the knowledge, contacts and new opportunities for their professional development. 

Tchaikovsky, Sergei


Thank you for a wonderful course in personal effectiveness. Success in all endeavors!  

Melnik Michael
Manager TOV interproject


What a miracle! I realized that learning can be not only useful but also very interesting! A big thank you to teachers for individual approach, the ability to convey their knowledge of the highest rank to the simple minds "businessmen " and "businesswoman". For professionalism at the highest level!

Rychko O.A.
LLC "Complex Engineering
Project Manager


Studied together with a subordinate employee . After learning the obvious results of its work, understanding of business processes has improved. Have a desire to achieve and be productive. See my personal achievements after training has become more tolerant and loyal in the business. Due to the constructive approach to the problems of increased profit. Time began to be used more efficiently. Very grateful to the team at the Business School. High professional teachers are inspired to develop their personal example.

Borut M.V.
LLC "Ektornet Ukraine IX"


Liked:professionally, accurately, succinctly. Knowledge is the best investment. Thank you for the knowledge, pleasant atmosphere , professional teachers.

Jacko Natalia
LLC "rn AI Encore"»
Head of training center


Big thanks to the team of teachers from the Business School KROK for " push " and the way I will go further . Iliked everything! I will recommend this Program to all my friends and colleagues.

Oleinik A.A.
Xerox "Ukraine"


Thank you for the experiences and knowledge! Thoughts emerged in a beautiful picture and we have lots of new ideas! All the best! Good thing you're doing!

Verteico DU .
LLC Gemini"
Deputy Director


Thank you for the knowledge, emotions, contribution to our development . I wish you all to use the obtained knowledge in practice and to remember each other for many years! Let all goals will be achieved! Good luck and a lot of grateful students !

Arbuzova O.V.
PJSC "Fidobank"
Head of Contact center