Program start: May 23, 2020

Format: Intensive, classes on Saturdays from 10:00 to 18:00.


  • modern professional competencies and skills in the field of management and business, that are the necessary for managers of companies to achieve the company's strategic goals and implement the tasks in more effective way;



  • to gain specialized knowledge and skills in marketing;
  • to obtain the modern technologies and tools that will help make marketing in the company profitable;


Marketing will help in understanding business and accelerate professional growth.

Course combines classical and innovative technologies, provides a marketing or an SMB owner with tools for marketing managing and optimizing resources, contributes to the stable operation and growth of the company's profits.

During the Marketing program, you will gain new skills in strategic marketing planning, learn about customer behavior, learn how to build strong relationships with your target audience, master risk management tools and much more.

The target audience

You must apply for training in the program if you:

  • responsible for the success and profitability of marketing in the company
  • want to get more with less effort
  • ready for career growth in marketing
  • strive to be the first to know about marketing innovations and introduce them

What do you get on the program

  • a technological view on marketing and its role in creating company profits
  • a clear understanding of the basics of brand positioning in the market
  • understanding customer behavior, how they make decisions and how to manage their decision making
  • understanding how and through which channels to properly build communication with the target audience
  • how to increase customer flow
  • the ability to measure customer loyalty not by eye, but using measurable indicators
  • knowledge of top current trends in marketing communications
  • the ability to use the tools of digital marketing to increase brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and sales growth


Students receive a personal set of training materials for each of the modules, workbooks, maintenance, access to information resources of the KROK Business School, which are included in the cost of training.

7-module Marketing Program

When completing 7 modules of only the Marketing specialization, the participant receives a KROK Business School certificate.

Format: Intensive, classes on Saturdays from 10:00 to 18:00.

The cost of 23 100 UAH.

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The cost of one module is 3 300 UAH.

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