ᐈ Mini MBA Course with Marketing Specialization - Business School KROK

Mini MBA - Marketing provides an opportunity to master:

  • modern professional competencies and skills in the field of management and business, that are the necessary for managers of companies to achieve the company's strategic goals and implement the tasks in more effective way;



  • to gain specialized knowledge and skills in marketing;
  • to obtain the modern technologies and tools that will help make marketing in the company profitable;


Mini MBA Program - Marketing will help in understanding business and accelerate professional growth.

Mini MBA course with major in Marketing combines classical and innovative technologies, provides a marketing or an SMB owner with tools for marketing managing and optimizing resources, contributes to the stable operation and growth of the company's profits.

We offer three training options:

Full Mini MBA + specialization in Marketing

  • The cost is 73 000 UAH.

Register Full Program

Or choose only those modules that are of greatest interest in the Mini MBA program and in the specialization Marketing

  • The cost of one module is 3 300 UAH. 

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Or take only modules of specialization Mini MBA- Marketing

  • The cost of 23 100 UAH.

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 During this course, you gain new skills in strategic marketing planning, learn about consumer behavior, learn how to build strong relationships with your clients and customers will learn risk management tools and much more. 

Target Audience

You should definitely sign up for the course, if you: 

  • Is responsible for the success and profitability of marketing in the company;
  • Want to get more with less effort;
  • Ready for careers in marketing;
  • Seek first to know about marketing updates to implement them;
  • Want to build your own professional brand.

Training begins on condition of participants group formation

Venue: KROK University, main building


  •  Evening - 18:30 - 21:30,  Course days: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Intensive weekend - on Saturdays from 10.00 tо 16:30


What do you get on the course

  • Technological perspective on marketing and its role in the creation of the company's profits;
  • An understanding of how your customers make decisions, how to influence the decision-making and how to avoid "mental traps";
  • Technology to create products of absolute quality in Japanese;
  • Knowledge of how to generate and cultivate their clients;
  • The ability to measure customer loyalty is not to the "eye", and with the help of measurable indicators;
  • Technology to create a corporate brand of the company;
  • Knowledge of trends - 2018 in marketing communications and the ability to create and embed digital - communication in general promotion plan.




Students receive personal training kit for each of the modules, workbooks, maintenance, access to the information resources of the KROK Business School, which are included in the course fee. You can also purchase additional authoring, manuals and textbooks on disciplines of management audit and consulting from trainers program.

Testimonial of Academic Achievements

Upon the completion of the Program, students receive a Certificate of KROK Business School and a Certificate of the state sample.



Program Content Mini MBA - Marketing

Module № Date Time

Subject Module



Module 1. 11.05 10:00-

Strategic Marketing. Creating Value for Clients

Alexander Bakka

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Module 2. 14.05 18.00-

Marketing Startegy Implementattion

Alexander Bakka

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16.05 18.00-
Module 3. 21.05 18.00-

Marketing Instruments to improve sales

Alexander Bakka

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23.05 18.00-
Module 4. 28.05 18.00-

The Art of Merchandising. Neuro-marketing. Neuro-management.

Alexander Bakka

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30.05 18.00-
Module 5. 4.06 18.00-

Digital Marketing

Eldar Nagornyi

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6.06 18.00-
Module 6. 11.06 18.00-

Market Research and Consumer Behavior

Dmytro Rodenko

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13.06 18.00-
Module 7. 18.06 18.00-

Business Negotiations

Alexander Bakka

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20.06 18.00-