Online training «Fundamentals of ABM marketing»

For whom:

  • Employees of marketing, customer service, sales departments
  • Representatives of the TOP team - in the case when you need to restructure or significantly optimize the system of attracting and retaining customers

Format: ONLINE

6 meetings of 2 hours 

The purpose of the program:

When knowledge and skills in ABM marketing are definitely necessary for the company:

  • Insufficient effectiveness of marketing and sales interaction.
  • The company has several different areas of activity, different employees are responsible for sales for each, and there is no overall picture and strategy for sales development.
  • If the customer segments are numerous and significantly different from each other.
  • The presence of large and important customers who need to be given an end-to-end ideal customer experience from "A to Z", regardless of which of the employees the client personally contacts at different stages of the transaction
  • If the goal is set to increase sales, clearly and systematically building upselling and cross-selling
  • Get acquainted with the marketing technology used by the monsters of the "reddest" markets.

Cost of participation:

UAH 7,500 (without VAT)


The price includes:

  • author's handouts;
  • name certificates;


ABM Marketing Basics

2 hours

  • General concept and principles of ABM marketing.
  • Types of ABM Strategy Basic ABM Scenarios.
  • ABM marketing as a business process

Account as a key frame of ABM marketing

2 hours

  • Definition of Account in ABM
  • Marketing Account Scoring Model

2 hours

  • Account Scoring Templates for Model Incentives

ABM Marketing Tools

2 hours

  • Customer experience journey
  • Demand Map/ Opportunity Matrix
  • Map of target decision-makers/LWRs

3 hours

  • Goal/Lead Warmth Map – Engagement Map
  • Ideal Customer Profile: Factor/Attribute/Ranking
  • Customer Prioritization - McKinsey Matrix

ABM & Marketing & Sales Automation

2 hours

  • Practical aspects of implementing
  • ABM marketing depending on the organizational structure of the company and the degree of sales/marketing automation.
  • Summing up, feedback
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