Training "Professional emotional burnout: diagnosis, prevention, overcoming"

Trainer Oksana Sedashova, PhD

During the training, participants will be able to learn:

  • recognize factors of stress and emotional professional burnout
  • determine the level of burnout and be able to form a self-recovery program
  • manage own self-motivation
  • to communicate ecologically
  • independently choose optimal reactions to events in the external world
  • be proactive and assertive
  • plan your antistress development

For whom:

Entrepreneurs, managers, business founders, top managers, all those who feel 



  • 1 day from 10:00 to 17:00
  • Group of no more than 15 people
  • Individual approach

Participation Fee and Discounts:

upon request



Training program:



1. Factors of professional emotional burnout occurrence

  1. How typical is the phenomenon of "professional burnout"
  2. 7 main symptoms of professional burnout. Features of professional emotional burnout Determining the level of professional emotional burnout.
  3. Factors that create stress at work.
  4. The impact of war on emotional stability at work.
  5. How to protect yourself from professional burnout? Workshop.

2. Stress and the formation of stress resistance

  1. Diagnosis of stress.
  2. Stress factors and signs of stress resistance.
  3. Proactive and assertive: how to properly respond to the actions of the outside world.
  4. The Karpman triangle and non-violent communication: models that will help you not to exhaust yourself and maintain your mental health.

3. Workshop-intensive on recovery

  1. Formation of self-motivation.
  2. Wellness Model
  3. Rhombus Pezeshkian: meanings, body, relationships, activities.
  4. Black holes of energy: where energy disappears and how to restore it.
Oksana Sedashova For more information: Oksana Sedashova
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