Workshop «Emotional Intelligence for Success and Influence»


Oksana Sedashova


Managers, HRD, specialists



  • to form participants' knowledge about emotional intelligence,
  • provide an opportunity to train skills:
    • self-regulation,
    • self-motivation,
    • relationship management,

which will increase efficiency and satisfaction in life and at work.

Tasks - skills for development:

  • provide knowledge about the components of emotional intelligence and evaluate the level of its maturity;
  • form an understanding of the relationship between workplace efficiency and the employee's emotional literacy;
  • acquire knowledge about the components and skills of emotional intelligence;
  • begin to develop emotional competence skills.

Pre-training preparation

If desired, participants can perform individual testing, the results of which are discussed with the trainer confidentially. The testing will take place according to the following methods:

  • Emotional intelligence test
  • Questionnaire of participants' expectations and study of problem situations

Materials that will be prepared for the participants:

The author's educational complex with a workbook, presentation, tasks, cases, exercises and other educational materials prepared by the teacher.

After the training, a survey of participants is conducted to identify the level of satisfaction with the trainer's work and the relevance of the received information, new knowledge, and skills.


  • 1 day from 10:00 to 18:00
  • Individual approach

Participation Fee:

upon request


Topic 1. Introduction. Emotions in the life of a business person

  • Introduction, goals, expectations, agreement on the rules of participation
  • Emotions in the life of a modern business person - why it is important
  • Emotionally charged situations in business life - consideration of cases from practice:
    • with clients - service
    • with your own team - formation of involvement, implementation of changes
    • with colleagues and partners - negotiations, interaction
    • with managers - "management upwards"
    • with oneself – self-motivation and self-regulation

Topic 2. Emotional intelligence

  • D. Goleman's model of emotional intelligence and 4 principles of EI
  • 4 components of emotional intelligence.
  • E. Bern's model of ego states for the formation of the "OK-OK" position
  • Karpman's triangle.


Topic 3. Self-awareness, self-management and self-motivation

  • Development of EI for personal success - how to build confidence and adequate self-esteem
  • What is motivation? Is there laziness (procrastination)?
  • Empathy. Proactivity. Assertiveness.


Topic 4. The basics of conflict-free communication and the art of relationship management

  • Model of successful communication.
  • Harvard style.
  • Conflictogens and conflict-free communication: M. Rosenberg's model of nonviolent communication
  • High quality feedback.


Final discussion. Planning zones of personal development

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