Express Training «Mastery of Public Speaking»

Targeted Audience:

  • Everyone who speaks in front of a large audience with presentations, speeches, reports;
  • Everyone who strives to achieve the goals, needs to motivate the audience, lead them along, captivate them;
  • Those who want to learn how to work effectively both live and online
  • and effectively present yourself, your product or service through a computer screen.


Mastering the mechanisms of effective self-presentation in front of a large audience.

Improving one's own skills of effective public speaking.

Main topics

1. Preparation for the speech

  • How to prepare: preparation algorithm
  • Presentation as a public speech
  • Types of presentation, goals, structure, scenario
  • Key content messages of the speech.
  • Good dress code - about image and why it is important 

2. Channels of communication and perception of information 

  • How to manage the audience's attention.
  • How to present information effectively.
  • Presentation "chips":
  • Posture, gestures, facial expressions are the main source of information.
  • Voice is an informative frame for words.
  • The energy of the speech is a tool for keeping the attention of the audience. 

3. The difference between "live" and "online performance" 

  • How to prepare for an online speech/presentation and why it is not the same as a "live" presentation?
  • Self-presentation and camera work
  • What should be avoided? 

4. Difficult situations

  • The nature of tricky questions and constructive answers to them.
  • Methods of working with objections.
  • Neutralization of expressed hostility.
  • How to dignify difficult situations

5. Let's summarize

  • Concluding speech. What is in the dry residue?

Work methods

Mini-lectures, videos, presentations, interactive exercises

About the speaker:

Nataliya Kalinina, business coach of the international category, assistant professor of the KROK Business School

It is not only possible, but also necessary to speak effectively and efficiently, convincingly and vividly, inspiringly and motivatingly!

Let's learn it!

Cost of participation:

  • 1 participant - UAH 3,500 (excluding VAT)

The price includes:

  • author's handouts
  • personal certificates
  • coffee breaks