Seminar «Supplier management and tools to increase cooperation efficiency»

Modular training program by direction «Supply and management of the supply chain»

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Dates of event: June, 8-9

Seminar «Supplier management and tools to increase cooperation efficiency»

An interactive module during which participants will get theoretical knowledge and practical skills in planning, preparing and negotiating with suppliers in order to achieve optimal results with maximum efficiency.

Negotiations are one of the most important stages of relationships with your partners. During the negotiations, agreements are reached on key terms of cooperation and controversial issues between companies are resolved.

As a result of negotiations, you can either significantly improve your position or lose - it all depends on how you prepared and negotiated.

Participants of the training will get acquainted with methods and ways to improve the effectiveness of negotiations and practice the acquired knowledge during practical exercises and role-playing games.

The audience:

  • Purchasing and supply department managers and employees
  • Logistics directors and managers
  • Warehouse managers and employees
  • Supply Chain Managers


  • 2 days, 10:00 - 18:00

  • Group not less than 12 people

  • Individual approach



Price and discounts: 7 500 UAH.

  • 5% - 2 participants from one company;
  • 10% - 3-5 participants from one company;
  • 12% - students and graduates of BSK programs.

The price includes:

  • copyright handouts;
  • personal certificates of participation;
  • coffee breaks.

Module topics:

  • Main Strategies of cooperation between suppliers and buyers
  • Basic requirements for such cooperation
  • The concept of negotiations, successful and effective negotiations
  • Planning of the development of supplier relationships
  • Planning and organizing the negotiation process
  • Defining goals and strategy
  • The main stages of negotiations
  • Defining the goals and strategy of negotiations
  • Structure and main stages of planning negotiations
  • Developing a strategy for negotiating and achieving goals, taking into account the strengths of your company
  • Negotiation models and their application in the negotiation process
  • Common mistakes in the process of negotiations
  • Preparation of the negotiation process
  • Collection and preparation of necessary information
  • Strategies of conduct during negotiations with Suppliers
  • BATNA and ZOPA in negotiations, space in negotiations
  • Identifying supplier`s expectations and defining interests and positions
  • Building an algorithm of effective questions to collect the necessary information, developing active listening skills
  • Strategies of conduct during negotiations with Suppliers
  • Discussion of commercial terms: prices, terms and conditions of delivery
  • Bidding in negotiations, basic principles and rules
  • Objections in negotiations, an algorithm for determining their causes and ways to overcome Manipulations and non-constructive behavior of the opponent. Ways to identify and neutralize them
  • Influence and pressure in business negotiations
  • Claims work and written communications




Coach Roman Romancov

MBA, IIBLC Black Belt Certification. BSK Full Time Instructor, Business Trainer, Consultant in the area of Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing (LEAN, Kaizen), Project Management to Improve Operational Efficiency, Construction and Optimization of Business Processes using LEAN Tools.