Seminar «Effective procurement negotiations with suppliers»

Modular training program by direction «Supply and management of the supply chain»

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Seminar «Effective procurement negotiations with suppliers»

During the workshop participants examine the main tasks of the sourcing process in a manufacturing company: the levels of maturity of the procurement function and the concept of strategic sourcing, its goals and key benefits for the company, as well as practical steps to implement strategic sourcing in the company.

Sourcing is one of the main tools of strategic management in procurement, the purpose of which is to develop a new level procurement model, in which procurement specialists pay increased attention not only to obtaining acceptable commercial terms from suppliers, concluding profitable contracts and bringing the transaction to an end, with subsequent payment and also conduct additional work with suppliers, stimulating continuous product innovation, optimization of the total cost of ownership (TCO - Total Cost of Ownership), thus creating additional value for the business.

Using one category as an example, participants of the training will be able to learn how to practically apply a strategic sourcing approach to optimize the costs of their company.

The audience:

  • Purchasing and supply department managers and employees
  • Logistics managers and employees
  • Transport logistics managers and employees
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • COOs and Heads of Operational Efficiency Improvement Departments
  • Financial controllers and specialists of the planning and economic department
  • As well as other employees from various departments who would like to get acquainted and understand the strategic sourcing approach and study the standard steps for its implementation in the company




  • 2 days, 10:00 - 18:00

  • Group not less than 12 people

  • Individual approach

Price and discounts: 5500 UAH.

  • 5% - 2 participants from one company;
  • 10% - 3-5 participants from one company;
  • 12% - students and graduates of BSK programs.

The price includes:

  • copyright handouts;
  • personal certificates of participation;
  • coffee breaks.

Module topics:

  • Analysis and assessment of the criticalness of the procurement category
  • Analysis of costs in the supply chain and the concept of total cost of ownership (TCO - Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Strategic sourcing approach, standard steps of its implementation
  • Sourcing strategies, differences and specificity of each of the strategies
  • Analysis of the market and the competitive strength of the company according to the Porter's 5 forces model
  • Aligning company strategy, operating strategy and sourcing strategy
  • Category positioning matrix and selection of an appropriate sourcing strategy
  • Methods for gathering information about the need and defining the key requirements of the internal customer
  • The concept of a supplier portfolio and the purpose of its creation
  • Supplier life cycle and the concept of supplier qualifications
  • Determination of prequalification criteria and supplier selection
  • Methods for finding and attracting suppliers, ways to increase the number of potential suppliers
  • Drawing up a preliminary list and initial analysis of the supplier base
  • Processes for making requests to suppliers (RFI, RFP and other RFx)
  • Conducting remote negotiations, electronic tenders and auctions
  • Criteria for evaluating commercial proposals, comparison of suppliers' proposals
  • Preparation of negotiations on the conclusion of an agreement
  • Planning and negotiating with suppliers
  • Determination of the strategy and team of negotiations
  • Negotiating and choosing a supplier (main and backup)
  • Formalization of agreements with suppliers, conclusion of contracts
  • Risk assessment and determination of the required level of supplier integration
  • Drawing up a supplier integration plan
  • Development of a system for evaluating supplier activities and KPIs
  • Supplier performance management and supply market monitoring
  • Projects to improve the efficiency of cooperation with suppliers
  • Cooperation models and partnership principles for strategic suppliers
  • Assessment of value for the internal customer and TCO
  • Market monitoring, benchmarking and supply chain performance assessment models
  • Evaluation of cooperation with the supplier, feedback and planning of relationship development




Coach Roman Romancov

MBA, IIBLC Black Belt Certification. BSK Full Time Instructor, Business Trainer, Consultant in the area of Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing (LEAN, Kaizen), Project Management to Improve Operational Efficiency, Construction and Optimization of Business Processes using LEAN Tools.

Lyubov Krukovska For more information: Lyubov Krukovska
+38 044 339 90 63
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