Seminar «Search, selection and evaluation of suppliers»

Modular training program by direction «Supply and management of the supply chain»

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Dates of event: April, 15-16

Seminar «Search, selection and evaluation of suppliers»

Participants receive answers to the following questions in the field of inventory management:

  • How to organize effective inventory management in your supply chain?
  • How to reduce the level of inventories, but at the same time reduce deficits and out-of-stock current positions?
  • How to optimize inventory levels through better demand planning and forecasting?
  • How to reduce the burden on working capital through better planning in the supply chain?
  • How do replenishment planning decisions (batch size, minimum and maximum level, etc.) affect the configuration of the replenishment system (MRP)?
  • How to determine the optimal batch size and quantity of goods to order?
  • What inventory classification best supports the company's strategy?
  • What KPIs simplify and support inventory management solutions?

The audience:

  • Heads and managers of the procurement and supply department
  • Logistics directors and managers
  • Warehouse heads and managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Operations directors and heads of operational efficiency departments
  • Financial controllers and all those who are really interested in increasing the company's profits and working capital through inventory management.


  • 2 days, 10:00 - 18:00

  • Group not less than 12 people

  • Individual approach



Price and discounts: 5500 UAH.

  • 5% - 2 participants from one company;
  • 10% - 3-5 participants from one company;
  • 12% - students and graduates of BSK programs.

The price includes:

  • copyright handouts;
  • personal certificates of participation;
  • coffee breaks.

Module Topics:

  • Basic concepts and tasks of inventory management
  • Inventory value: components of the cost of inventories and ways to reduce their value
  • Types of stocks: planned and insurance stocks
  • Sales management and category management
  • Inventory support strategies depending on the category and life cycle of the product
  • MRP - System of automatic scheduling of replenishment of materials
  • Determining the size of the optimal batch of replenishment and frequency of replenishment
  • Inventory nomenclature analysis: ABC and XYZ analysis
  • Calculation of standard deviation and its use in inventory management
  • Statistical tools for controlling deviations of the planned level of stocks
  • Calculation of the optimal level of stocks: the minimum and maximum level of stocks by nomenclature and variability of the level of stocks
  • Procurement planning and execution cycle
  • Quality criteria for planning and analyzing the implementation of the procurement plan
  • Dependence of the size and value of stocks depending on the efficiency of warehousing
  • Key inventory management performance indicators (KPIs)




Coach Roman Romancov

MBA, IIBLC Black Belt Certification. BSK Full Time Instructor, Business Trainer, Consultant in the area of Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing (LEAN, Kaizen), Project Management to Improve Operational Efficiency, Construction and Optimization of Business Processes using LEAN Tools.