Seminar «Inventory management»

Modular training program by direction «Supply and management of the supply chain»

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Dates of event: March, 26-26

Seminar «Inventory management»

A practical workshop on category management in supplying a manufacturing company with an introduction to the basic and mandatory tools for a category manager. Category management is one of the main tools of strategic procurement management. Participants of the training on the example of one category will be able to master all the necessary tools and methodology of category management.

The audience:

  • Heads and managers of the procurement and supply department;
  • Directors and managers of logistics;
  • Supply Chain Managers;
  • Inventory heads and managers;
  • Operations directors and heads of operational efficiencydepartments;
  • Financial controllers, specialists of the planning and economic departments.


  • 2 days, 10:00 - 18:00

  • Group not less than 12 people

  • Individual approach



Price and discounts: 5500 UAH.

  • 5% - 2 participants from one company;
  • 10% - 3-5 participants from one company;
  • 12% - students and graduates of BSK programs.

The price includes:

  • copyright handouts;
  • personal certificates of participation;
  • coffee breaks.

Module Topics:

  • Evolution of the approach to supply management depending on the development and stage of formation of the company
  • Strategic and tactical approach to management Procurement management cycle
  • Basic approaches to cost optimization in procurement
  • Prerequisites for the emergence of categorical management in the production enterprise
  • Principles of category management organization and benefits from the implementation of category management
  • Categorical management in sales and purchases: common features and differences
  • Definition of categories, division into groups and subgroups - basic approaches and principles
  • Determining the size and role of each category, determining the priority of implementation
  • Development of key performance indicators of the category for evaluation and management
  • Category management procedure and start of category management process
  • Stages of implementation of categorical management.
  • Development of categorical strategy and tactics for the category
  • Organizational structure of procurement management in the process of implementation of categorical management
  • Competency model of the category procurement manager




Coach Roman Romancov

MBA, IIBLC Black Belt Certification. BSK Full Time Instructor, Business Trainer, Consultant in the area of Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing (LEAN, Kaizen), Project Management to Improve Operational Efficiency, Construction and Optimization of Business Processes using LEAN Tools.