Capabilities of the Center for Research on Creativity

The center conducts applied research of international importance in the field of creativity, creation of a methodology for the development of creative thinking in business, auditing and consulting for enterprises and organizations in terms of introducing innovations and team creative potential activating.

A study of inspiration and flow in business leaders

Creativity Research Center in Collaboration with Dave Birss conducts a global study of creative states in the business leaders - inspiration and flow. It is important for us to know the condition in which the leaders and their employees are in carrying out the work; how internal states and productivity are related; what determines the level of employee involvement; whether leaders are able to manage they internal state.

We invite everyone to take part in an global anonymous survey.

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Research for organizations

Enterprises and organizations that have become on the innovative path of development are increasingly asking questions:

  • What are the criteria for evaluating the creativity of an employee or candidate for a position?
  • What is the level of development of the innovation environment in the organization?
  • What is the strategy for developing the thinking skills of employees in an organization?
  • Are roles adequately distributed in teams to obtain effective results in the development and innovations implementation?
  • What is stopping employees from generating ideas?
  • How to organize the co-creative interaction of people in an organization?

Answers to these and other questions regarding creativity in business can be obtained by ordering a study or audit.

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Partnerships and sponsorship

We invite all interested individuals and organizations that consider it important to develop a culture of creative thinking to become partners.

Inspiring speeches, participation in conferences

The latest research in the field of creativity, real working approaches and tools for personal creative efficiency, creative leadership and the use of the creative potential of teams to solve business problems - these topics can be presented in an inspiring speeches at your event or conference.

Creative strategic sessions

When an organization does not understand how to quickly and efficiently solve a particular problem, the Creativity Research Center provides an opportunity to invite a moderator who correctly selects the method of generating and selecting ideas - and the team can best cope with the task. The moderator will not only help identify priorities, but also teach the team a creative interaction, and the team will have a result in a step-by-step project implementation plan.

The Creativity Research Center provides an opportunity for businesses and organizations to order employee trainings in the field of creativity:

It is possible to conduct trainings on topics:

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