Mediation: Training and Society Transformation/ MEDIATS

Project goal: enable Universities to be one of the key players in facilitation of the processes of mediation in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine to enhance democracy and objective problem resolution by acquiring best European practices.

The International Mediation Center (IMC) began its work in October 2020. The prerequisite for the creation of the center was the experience of the KROK Business School team participating in the EU international project Erasmus + MEDIATS, which is designed to help educational institutions become key players in facilitating mediation processes in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine to strengthen democracy and objectively solve problems by acquiring the best European practices. Thanks to its participation in the project, the KROK Business School launched a master's program "Mediation and Conflict Management" and began its implementation, established partnerships with organizations developing mediation in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus, organized online conferences and other events to develop a culture of mediation in Ukraine.

The aim of the International Mediation Center is:

  • development of mediation as a type of activity for solving problems in various fields, such as commercial, labor mediation using non-violent communication,
  • exchange of experience with international partners, conducting research in mediation,
  • provision of training and certification services for the training of professional mediators;
  • maintaining a register of mediators;

KROK Business School invites partners to cooperate for joint research, creation of promising projects involving the popularization and development of mediation, the formation of a culture of dialogue, the training of qualified mediators for different countries and tasks.

Do you want to cooperate with IMC We are waiting for proposals for cooperation by mail: office(at)

Specific project objectives: 

  1. To develop and implement Master's degree program "Mediation".
  2. To establish sustainable Mediation Federation.
  3. To promote mediation values within the society in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine.

​Project Duration: 7 November 2019 - 14 November 2021.

​Project Coordinator: Netherlands Business Academy, the Netherlands.

Project Co-coordinator: KROK University, Ukraine.

The Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Project Details

Application process for grant funded by Erasmus is finished on October, 29, 2019.

The Importance of Mediation for Society

The purpose of mediation and conflict management is to resolve the dispute peacefully and promote mutual understanding at the social, organizational, legal and political levels.

Conflicts are an integral part of life and this is normal. To resolve and manage conflicts and disputes, an effective mechanism such as mediation was invented. Mediation arises due to the need to resolve personal, relational, structural and cultural conflicts that arise in social, business and private settings.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for mediators to resolve conflicts in the public arena, and the demand in mediation of private sector companies and organizations has been increasing recently.

Student's Feedback

Olena Kaumova, partner, Family Biz Evolution Agency,

consultant of organizational development

In KROK Business School program, the key was the presence of a European component, and therefore international experience, which I consider very important. It is in the world and Europe that mediation already has more than 30 years of practical experience in application.

Evgen Evtekhov, Senior Adviser

on Legal affairs, KyivStar GSM

Expectations regarding the completeness of the course and the thoroughness of the approach were fully justified and even abundant. I was very pleased with the amount of practice and the degree of personal involvement of each participant in the development of practical skills.

Irina Shevchenko, PhD in Philosophy, instructor of psychology,

marketing director of “Stolisya” Media Group.

Thanks to the highly professional teachers united by the KROK Business School, we have the opportunity to gain the experience of renowned mediation specialists and dive deep into the best teaching practices that will help us understand the art of mediation. We are inspired from meaningful and productive meetings, the transfer of experience and knowledge that wings give us.