THE LAW ON MEDIATION HAS BEEN ADOPTED! How does this bring Ukraine closer to Europe?

☑ Promotion of out-of-court resolution of disputes.

Resolving business, neighborhood, family, labor and other conflicts through mediation is a common thing in most European countries. That is not because citizens of European countries are more conscious or easier to communicate with their opponents in a conflict. Most European countries have programs to actively promote out-of-court dispute resolution through Mediation, such as:

  • informing about Mediation,
  • paying for mediation services for certain categories of cases (including all divorcing parents),
  • refunding court fees in case of peaceful settlement of a dispute through mediation,
  • and even obliging people to try mediation before going to court.

Without going into the analysis of the methods chosen by different European countries, Ukrainians should be congratulated on the fact that the adoption of the Law on Mediation will allow to return 60% of court fees in case of amicable resolution or withdrawal of a claim as the result of use of mediation.

☑ Promotion of development of small business.

Small business is one of the largest beneficiaries of mediation in Europe after divorcing families. Impossibility to retain staff of lawyers, extended and costly litigation force small businesses to abandon their interests, even in cases where a court decision would probably be in their favor. Distracting the owner's time and attention from the business to litigation does not allow small businesses to defend their rights in court on equal terms.

Large corporations successfully use that fact, making efforts to prolong consideration of court cases. Conflicts with large suppliers or buyers can be critical for financial security of small businesses. And the disclosure of a conflict or internal confidential information leads to reputational losses. The Law on Mediation is another step towards small businesses' access to justice in the broadest sense.

☑ Even before the adoption of the Law students of KROK Business School were brought closer to the European experience, as they hadan opportunity to participate in internship programs in Spain and the Netherlands and see for themselves how it works there.

Mediation training in Ukraine has proved itself at the global level long ago. How do we know this? From the feedback of students undergoing internship in international groups. From the reviews of professional international mentors. From the International Mediator Certificates received by students of BSK program "Master of Mediation and Conflict Management" after passing the qualification exam. And from international simulations conducted by Ukrainian mediators with colleagues from the United States and Great Britain.

KROK Business School has been teaching Mediation and Conflict Management to the elite of Ukrainian business for three years in a row, providing high quality education, the possibility of international internship programs and attracting experienced mediators to the teaching staff.

You canjoin the profession which is recognized in the world and now has a legal basis in Ukraine. Register for the program "Master of Mediation and Conflict Management".

Reviews of the students of the Program.