Internship for future mediators in Spain

For two weeks in October 2021, students of the master's program "Mediation and Conflict Resolution" underwent an internship at the Catholic University of St. Anthony, Murcia, Spain, which was organized as part of the European Union project MEDIATION: training and society transformation (MEDIATS).

What were the benefits of the internship? Аcquaintance with international experience is invaluable. What did the students do for two weeks?

  • Listened to lectures by Spanish mediation specialists, got acquainted with the justice system in Spain, practiced skills in simulations and solving educational mediation cases (in English!).
  • We studied the peculiarities of intercultural mediation and learned to anticipate the peculiarities of the behavior of people from different cultures in order to be able to better establish a dialogue.
  • Practiced in Digital Mediation - a real innovation, the possibilities of which make it possible to acquire skills while overcoming borders.
  • Met with experienced Spanish mediators and visited the Palace of Justice.
  • Mastered the features of corporate diplomacy and the use of mediation technologies in commercial activities on the example of Spanish companies with a rich history - with Prof. Manuel Egea.
  • Get acquainted with the peculiarities of commercial law and the use of alternative dispute resolution tools - with Prof. Jose Ruiz and Prof. Alejandro Zornoza.
  • Harvard / facilitation-type mediation model was studied - together with Christian Lamm - lawyer, mediator, coach.
  • Learned the intricacies of restorative justice in criminal mediation and other restorative practices - with Doctor of Psychology and Mediation Mercedes Castillo.

Thus, the students of the master's degree program in mediation at the KROK Business School during the internship better understood the essence of the mediator's activity. They learned to create opportunities for conflicting parties to communicate productively and better understand each other, which allows them to find a mutually acceptable solution to the conflict. This is how the skill of a mediator is formed, which can be learned only in a long-term program, which provides a lot of practice, strong academic training, creating your own research, writing articles and international experience. All this is on the program "Master of Mediation and Conflict Resolution".

Register for program - the third cohort will start on November 20, 2021!

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