On the way of continuous improvement - Master of Science in Operational Excellence

KROK Business School has become a partner of the III International Conference "LeanForum: Production System Design. Lean-management in Ukraine. Best Experience". At December 11-14, over 250 leaders of transformational changes in production systems of leading Ukrainian companies attended seminars, master classes and trainings of world-class experts (Shawn Barker, Robert Saunders, Alfredo Moscardini, Oded Cohen and Jelena Fedurko-Cohen and others), made management tours to the production sites of the world's leading companies in Ukraine, listened to expert reports on the practice of implementing operational improvements in various areas of activity.

KROK Business School presented opportunities for quality education - the Master of Science in Operational Excellence Program, unique to the market of Ukraine, and international Lean certification. At the Business School presentation space, the conference participants were able to meet the program instructors, ask questions, submit applications for training and be tested for the level of knowledge on Lean.

Today, Ukrainian companies need high-quality expertise and knowledge that will help make Ukraine's economy stable and strong. It is for this purpose that KROK Business School creates specialized educational programs such as Master of Science in Operational Excellence, which gather the best international experience in improving production systems.

And we remind that there is a recruitment for the Master of Science in Operational Excellence program, study process starts in March 2019, as well as the Lean-certification exam preparation program, the Green Belt level begins on February 2, 2019.

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