Master in Operational Excellence

Master in Operational Excellence Program

The program is designed for operational directors and company managers who want to learn the principles and methods of work of the world's best manufacturers and develop their skills in operational improvement of processes.


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Why the program appeared

Our experience of cooperation with hundreds of companies in Ukraine gives us grounds to assert that there is an enormous demand for qualitative expertise in the field of building world-class production systems. Companies are looking for and sorting out the bits of knowledge that will enable them to compete with industry leaders around the world. And although this knowledge is there, but they are scattered and little available. Even the largest leaders of Ukrainian business experience a lack of knowledge. This program will become a real platform for the training of directors of the highest qualification. We will carefully select the best practices in Ukrainian and European companies and create the opportunity not only to get acquainted with them, but to carry out the most real projects together with the best specialists.

Competitive advantages

  • A rare combination of expertise
  • Complex complicated product, which involves interaction of different experts from different countries for moderate money
  • Combination of theory and practice. Focus on practical application

The Master in Operational Excellence program was developed by the Consortium, which includes such organizations

  • BSK «KROK» – Academic Partner
  • BPI – business partner
  • PwC – business partner
  • Nissan Motor Manufacturing, UK – production partner
  • Sunderland University, UK – academic partner

General characteristics of the program

  1. The name of the program "Master in Operational Excellence".
  2. The duration of the program is 1 year 4 months.
  3. The program consists of 7 modules.
  4. Participants have the opportunity to choose and form an individual training plan - a set of modules and preparation of the final integration project - capstone project.
  5. The program has several basic documents:
    • Certificate
    • Diploma
    • Degree
  6. The program gives a master's degree in the case of full passage of all program modules and project protection.

Who will participate in the program?

  • Managers who set ambitious goals in building up modern production systems
  • Sponsoring companies that get into the program together with the participant and are the platform on which the participants of the program introduce knowledge.
  • Companies-leaders who are selected as samples demonstrating the highest level of excellence in the individual elements that will be taught in the program.
  • Organizations who are world leaders in developing approaches to the organization and transformation of business processes such as the Shingo Institute, the Nissan Global Training Center.
  • European Universities are partners of the program.

The result for which you and your sponsoring company can count

At least four projects you implement during your training for the sponsoring company.

The sponsoring company will receive an effect that is 3 times higher than the investment in training.

You will be able to learn and transfer experience of at least 7 best Ukrainian and European companies in your aspects. You will also have the opportunity to carry out projects together with the mentors of these companies.

If you wish, you will be given the opportunity to pass certification on green or black belt Lean Six Sigma in the American Association of Quality ASQ.

Visit with Kaizen tours of the company, which have achieved high achievements in the field of operational improvement - holders of Shingo Prize and TPM Award.

What is operational improvement?

We define management as the result of interaction of three key components in any company: personnel, processes and organization of communications.

Operational improvement is the ability to improve the performance of these elements qualitatively.

Accordingly, each course will focus on one of the three components or their interaction.

In this program, we tried to collect the knowledge that the leaders of operational improvements need.

And nothing more!

Certification and diplomas

Number of participants in the group - up to 15 people

To obtain a Master in Operational Excellence degree, the program participant must fulfill all the requirements of the curriculum, which includes 7 interrelated modules and protect the integration thesis project.

The cost of the entire program is 15 thousand dollars USA.

Participants of the program have the opportunity to get a diploma about the end of the program without assigning and receiving a Master degree. This option costs 10 thousand dollars USA.

Those participants who wish to take a separate course will receive a certificate of participation in the course on a specific topic. The cost of participation in an individual course is $ 2000 USA.

Payment structure

Certificate of completion of the course  $2 000
Diploma$10 000
Degree  $15 000

Contents of the program

  • Operational management.
  • Process Quality Management.
  • Building a corporate culture and knowledge management system.
  • Leadership and change management.
  • Organizational development.
  • Project and Program Management.
  • Deploying the operational strategy and monitoring implementation.


The program employs an international team of instructors - practitioners from different countries.

The high quality of the training is provided by attracting highly qualified, experienced specialists who have extensive experience and excellent academic training and are practicing business consultants who have implemented many projects in different countries of the world and in Ukraine as instructors.

Duration and format of training

Duration of training: 1 year 4 months

During the whole training cycle, the participants of the program pass 7 modules

The training module lasts 3 days - once a month from Friday to Sunday inclusive.

Time of classes:

Friday, Saturday from 9.30 to 18.30 - 15 hours.

Sunday from 9.30 to 16.30 - 6 hours.

After each training module, participants visit enterprises and companies, learning best practices and best practices.

Practically-oriented modules are held directly at enterprises and companies.

The duration of such a module is 2-3 days.

Foreign modules are an indispensable element of the training program.

During the last three months, each participant prepares an individual project, working with a mentor.

Requirements for applicants for the program

  • Higher education
  • Management experience of at least 3 years
  • Knowledge of English
  • Employer's recommendation



How to apply for the program

  • Fill in the application form
  • Prepare a letter of motivation
  • Provide a recommendation-guarantee from the employer
  • Interview with the head and administration of the program

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