Getting to Know Mini MBA

Date: 13.06.2019. Time: 18:00-20:00

Location: Kiev, st. B. Khmelnitsky 8/16,

1st floor ("Ukrinform" office, near the metro station Teatralnaya)

Now is the time that it is impossible not to learn. The Harvard Business Review specialists say that today it is important for everyone to create an own intellectual capital, which implies constant development and training. Professional achievements, career advancement and success in all spheres of life depend on it. Conversely, the lack of updating the knowledge of the specialists of companies often leads to losses and losses in enterprises.

The trend towards responsible leadership is activating the need for special knowledge among managers. What knowledge and skills today should have a successful manager and entrepreneur? How to achieve success in conditions of uncertainty, rapidly changing circumstances and difficulties? The most relevant knowledge and skills in order to improve personal and professional efficiency in the workplace you will receive on the Mini MBA program, a development program for managers and small and medium businesses.

We invite you on June 13, 2019 to get acquainted with the Mini MBA program by KROK Business School.


"Building and developing a manager's career":

  • What skills are relevant today?
  • What and how is it worth learning?
  • Dynamics of manager's career development
  • A quick start to success with Mini MBA

Speaker: Oksana Sedashova, PhD, Academic Leader of the Mini MBA Program at KROK Business School

"Entrepreneur: real success stories and failures":

  • Personnel issues in organization projects. The order of interaction registration with the team.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of an employment contract, work agreement, outsourcing and outstaffing?
  • How to save valuable information for the company in the interaction with staff?
  • Occupational safety audit: a new trend or entrepreneur responsibility?
  • Responsibility for labor violations in the framework of the company.
  • Ways to resolve conflict situations with employees.
  • Features of the dismissal of certain categories of employees.

Speaker: Victoria Polischuk, lawyer, business trainer, mediation researcher, expert practitioner in the areas of economic, labor and corporate law, a specialist in medical issues. Lecturer at KROK Business School (Mini MBA, MBA, MGBM programs).

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