BSK Vector Skills. Conflict management for the leader

Date: 01/27/2020. Time: 17:00-19:00

Location: st. Tabirna, 30-32, BSK - KROK Business School (Beresteyska metro station)

We live at high speeds, and egocentrism becomes a way of survival. In this stream, people often ignore the opportunity to build optimal, friendly relationships with interlocutors, letting the solution of complex and conflict situations go by their own accord. As a result, people do not hear each other, spoil relationships, and companies suffer losses.

  • How can a leader effectively manage conflicts in an organization?
  • What is your inherent conflict strategy?
  • How to choose an adequate conflict management strategy?
  • What can a leader learn to effectively resolve intergroup conflicts?

A workshop at the BSK - KROK Business School in a new format BSK Vector Skills will be devoted to these issues.

Having visited a workshop, you:

  • take part in a business game
  • take the test and find out your conflict behavior strategy
  • find out what kind of conflicts exists in organizations, why they appear, and what scenarios can be
  • get acquainted with new ways of alternative dispute resolution and try yourself as a mediator
  • get personalized recommendations on what skills should be improved in order to see effective ways of resolving conflict situations in organizations

After the workshop, a presentation of the BSK - KROK Business School programs will take place.

BSK Vector Skills meeting will be held by

Oksana Sedashova, PhD, Mini MBA program academic leader of the BSK - KROK Business School

Victoria Polishchuk, attorney, business instructor, mediation researcher, expert practitioner in the fields of business, labor and corporate law, lecturer at the BSK - KROK Business School (Mini MBA, MBA, MGBM programs).

Admission is free subject to prior registration