Philosophy of the Program

  •  While studying psychology formed "owner", started the development of intuitive decision-making, understanding that the conditions of uncertainty and stress - normal environment for a businessman.
  •   As a result of training on the program's top - the manager is willing to work in the global markets, is familiar with the logic and tools of the system of medium and large businesses, able to make quick decisions and not be afraid of responsibility.
  •  Much attention is paid to the program "closed" aspects of doing business, not giving in other business schools, such as the interception of management, special services in the service of big business, the methods of human exposure and protection mechanisms, working with government agencies, strategic planning, business psychology, cross-cultural communication. The training program is constantly being improved advanced business technology that really adapted to the conditions of our market
  •  Graduates of the program, promising proved themselves during the course will be offered employment as a key figure in the "Company-satellites" of large financial groups at the forefront of real business.