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October 2015


July 2016

Relevance and Innovation

BSK new program was the result of lengthy consultations, discussions and negotiations with the business. We have combined the strengths of the traditional academic system approach, balancing the hard and soft skills components with a number of advanced psychological and mental practices.

This program combines the latest knowledge and game technique components, that allows to achieve stunning results in this approach is in contrast to other programs offered by the education market.


Key customers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, top managers

  • Top managers who are interested in their own capital and finding a job in the global labor market.
  • Top managers for whom it is time to become business owners, managing partner
  •  Business owners who want to reach new levels of development, and who are looking for an investment partner.
  • Companies who need to train key staff to conduct joint projects with strategic foreign partners.
  • Public employees who need an understanding of thinking investors, their decision-making criteria, contacts in this area.




Philosophy of the Program

Due to the recent political and economic events and market redistribution of spheres of influence in Ukraine will be in favor of companies that first enlisting the support of strategic foreign partners, which will provide them with a competitive advantage over others. Our program "Managing Partner" - not only knowledge, this introduction to the private club of financiers, given a vector of development of entire sectors of the world economy.

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What is the value for the customers and the expected results of study:

  • Real career prospects.
  • Access to global capital markets, international markets its own products.
  • Extensive contacts with companies interested in the development of its presence in Ukraine and in local partnership.


The content of the program



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  •  “Intensive Weekend” - 3 days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, once a month.
  •  Evening and Daytime Mix- Tuesday, Thursday from 18.30 to 21.30 + Saturday


Duration - 10 months


               Terms of


  • higher education, preferably graduates of technical and engineering disciplines, graduates of master's programs, the holders of the MBA degree; 
  • serious practical leadership experience in business structures, state institutions at least 5 years.


* Fluency in English is a plus.





Learning by doing:

  • Simulation-based business activities of the trainees;
  • Development of communication and management skills;
  • Securing the theory at the level of practice.


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Testimonial of Academic Achievements:

  • Master's Degree of KROK
     Business School
  • State diploma "Master in Management
    of Innovative Activity" 




89 000 UAH

Flexible payment schedule


 How to enter the program


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