1. Interested investors whether to cooperate with businessmen in Ukraine?

With all the ambiguity of economic, military and political situation in Ukraine, foreign capital continues to look for the right partners in Ukraine, Russia, other CIS countries, Europe. However, to find a partner, speak the same language with the investor, it was the task of large-scale work. Investors are faced with the problem that very few companies in Ukraine with organizational and technological maturity corresponding to the rhythm of the development of foreign business structures.

2. Are there similar training programs in Ukraine?

There is no system-integrated training for partner level, senior managers, able to work in our market in time with the advanced foreign companies. Themselves an international business like no other understands that success is based on teamwork and no technology or the size of the asset does not have such a critical, as people. 

3. What are the "closed" aspects of business?

The focus of the program is given to "closed" aspects of business: such as failover, the security services in the service of big business, the methods of human exposure and protection mechanisms, working with government agencies, strategic planning, business psychology, cross-cultural communication. The training program is constantly being improved advanced business technology that really adapted to the conditions of our market.