World Creativity and Innovation Week at KROK Business School

In 2020, KROK Business School, the only organization in Ukraine, supported the official UN initiative to host World Creativity and Innovation Week - #WCIW, which kicks off annually on April 15, the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci, organizing a series of educational events on creativity. The introduction of quarantine did not change our plans and we had Creativity Week online, which made it possible to reach more participants!

Creativity Week at KROK Business School in figures and facts:

  • 6 days duration;
  • 15 experts conducted 13 seminars and workshops;
  • 1 powerful panel discussion with 30 participants;
  •  more than 100 participants from different regions of Ukraine;
  • 2 foreign experts from USA and UK.

Creativity Week consisted of thematic days: LeadershipDay, Thinkers Day, The Real Creators Day, Business Day, Storytelling Day and Experimental Day. Almost every day, from 10 to 17 April, visitors attended from 1 to 4 events.

The most striking events of Creativity Week were:

  • panel discussion "Is life after a strategist or Innovation in business", which was attended by Denis Shemyakin, a special guest, director of the support team of reforms of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, lecturers of the KROK Business School and invited experts;
  • 8-hour Certified Creativity Professional module "Creative Leadership and Activation of Team Creative Potential" by Oksana Sedashova, an expert on Creativity at KROK Business School
  • video address to Ukrainians on the occasion of celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Week from the American creativity researcher, Head of Creativity Potential Institute - Dr. Marta Davidovich Ockuly;
  • master class by British creativity expert Jonathan Moss.

The KROK Business School is proud that its team has been able to assemble a powerful team of creative experts not only national but also internationally. We have united many creative people around the idea of developing creative thinking, inspiring them to make positive changes, to unlock their creative potential. We hope that the knowledge and information gained by the participants will be used to solve global problems and achieve the goals of sustainable development.

For those who wish to learn about their potential, becoming a specialist in the field of creative thinking, we invite you to study under the Certified Creativity Professional program - the only in Ukraine complex program on creativity, after which participants receive an international UniCert certificate. You need to study on this program because you:

  • learn in practice the best strategies and methods of creativity under the guidance of the best creativity mentors in Ukraine;
  • thoroughly understand how creativity works in reality and what results it can apply to the success of the enterprise;
  • transform your beliefs, develop creative abilities and get some great ideas for your projects - you will finish with ready-made solutions.

Currently, the Certified Creativity Professional Program is also available online and will take place from July 4 to July 29, 2020. Registration is open, do not delay to become more creative in just one month - register.

For fans of the offline format - open enrollment for the fall program set to launch September 12 - have time to book your seats.