The way to victory is to learn LEAN

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is the time to acquire new knowledge, improve skills and structure previous LEAN management experience. Because the path of each member of the group, which began training in mid-August 2021 to the continuous improvement of business processes begins with a deep understanding of the principles and tools on which the combination of speed and striving to achieve ideal quality.

Representatives of manufacturing companies such as INTEC, or a trade and industry group such as the Fozzy Group, and other members of the LEAN Green Belt Group aim for economic success based on timely and quality fulfillment of the needs of its clients, and on a person-oriented organizational culture, where each employee is aware of their value.

These rules form the basis of Lean management. Program participants are preparing to receive the international certification CGBL IIBLC - Certified Green Belt in Lean or UniCert. Soon the participants will pass an international exam to confirm the qualification of Green Belt in Lean IIBLC. We remind you that the exams are held 4 times a year at the same time in all IIBLC centers in the world. We believe in the positive result of our students!

Join the family of professional certified LEAN managers who lead organizations and brands to success because they have in-depth knowledge and practical skills in organizing and implementing LEAN management.

KROK Business School is the only accredited international certification center IIBLC in Ukraine. We invite you to join the Certified Green Belt and Black Belt in Lean programs. The next group will begin training in November 2021.

More information about the training program CGBL IIBLC – Certified Green Belt in Lean and certification benefits can be found at link.