The pilot group of the Executive HRM course has successfully completed the training!

Friends, we are the first to approach the issue of managing people from a different angle - that of an owner, manager, or business leader. This is how the course program was created - not for HRs, but for business leaders. We are confident that the main function of a leader is to manage people and that is what the program was designed for.

During 120 intensive training hours, we studied 12 burning topics of modern business, solved 16 cases, learned to understand the strategy of people management and the employer's brand, understood that the company's corporate culture is the basis on which a business is built and develops, we have firmly learned the importance and coolness digital HR, we have a meticulous understanding of corporate communications and emotional intelligence! We tried to show throughout the entire program that the company must change and that's cool!

The best practicing teachers, business coaches and consultants, for whom people management is not a theory, but a whole life, with successes and failures, victories and failures, participated in the preparation of the program. The program participants received invaluable material and real working tools for their business.

All program participants have passed the final testing excellently and will soon receive an international certificate of Certified Professional in Human Resource Management (CPHRM), which is evidence of the professional training of managers in the field of HR.

We have made an excellent product, but we are well aware that today it needs to be improved in order to be not only in time, but also ahead of changes!

Details about the tutorial:

Start: November 2021