The current issues of economics and business - Proceedings of KROK Business School faculty

The study of the current changing economic situation, quick response to challenges and the development of new methodologies, approaches and tools for effectively real business problem solving are the task of business school all over the world. The faculty members staff of the KROK Business School is not an exception, its scientific studies were included in the form of scientific articles of the special issue of the journal "Scientific notes of the KROK University" ("Economics" series). On the pages of a scientific publication, BSK experts presented a deep vision of business issues in two chapters: "Management and Administration" and "Innovative Activities":

  • Olexander Bakka touched upon the topic of behavioral economics and staff motivation;
  • Irina Zolotarevych presented modern trends in reputation management and communication technology;
  • Natalia Zagornyak working out the topic fiduciary management of assets аnd investment-driven development in Ukraine;
  • Natalia Kalinina spoke about the Main causes of inefficient organizational changes in companies;
  • Natalia Shevchenko investigated the topic of maximizing profitability in crop producing farms through efficient planning and control management;
  • Iryna Oleynikova raised the topic of the transformation of Back-Offices function;
  • Olena Siukaeva shared valuable experience in companies reorganization;
  • Oksana Sedashova touched upon the creation of conditions for the successful activation teams creative potential;
  • Olena Khomenko shared practical recommendations for building an effective learning system in companies.

Articles are published in Ukrainian and English, you can read them at the link:

In the near future, KROK Business School plans to develop research activities focused on the practical needs of business in modern conditions.