Striving for perfection at KROK Business School

At KROK Business School November 24-25, 2018 passed the third module of the Lean IIBLC® Green Belt Exam preparation program (CGBL®) - "Striving for Perfection". Program participants embarked on the path of in-depth study of the process of continuous improvement, having mastered the kaizen tools, key indicators of lean manufacturing, project management fundamentals and tools, as well as modern techniques for further improvement such as Six Sigma, TQM and process mapping. In addition to the main material, students of the program checked the level of their knowledge obtained on the previous modules with the help of intermediate tests. It remains to go through another module December 8-9 - "Changes. Sustain and Support." and try to writing a pilot exam to be fully prepared for the Green Belt (CGBL®) by Lean IIBLC® certification on December 15.

Call the papers for the next group training is just open - the start of classes on February 2, 2019. Apply for training and join the community of certified Lean-experts!