Secrets of strategic marketing at BSK - KROK Business School

Philip Kotler said that marketing is the management of profitable customer relationships, and also a type of human activity aimed at meeting the needs and requirements through exchange. The students of the Mini MBA Program at KROK Business School during the Strategic Marketing module learned the essence of marketing and how to build an effective strategies. Alexander Bakka, BSK instrustor, business coach, holder of a professional marketing diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM PD (United Kingdom) helped students to understand the modern marketing model, the role of value creating for the client, the stages of building marketing activity and other subtleties. Program participants learned how to formulate a marketing strategy based on the company's mission and values, analyze the market and plan marketing activities. You can possess excellent marketing knowledge on the Mini MBA taking the Marketing track of the program, where the team of professionals will teach you all the secrets and tips of this activity in the modern world.

Intake in the new group is going. Classes start on September 2019.