Module "Intellectual Capital" in the Executive HRM program

What do you think is the most valuable thing today? Right. People, their knowledge, their experience, their authenticity - all that they bring to the company. That is why the "knowledge economy" is becoming a priority today. The next module of the Executive HRM program "Intellectual Capital", which took place on May 14, was dedicated to this. Dr. Oksana Sedashova is an author and trainer of this module.

Intellectual capital is anything that belongs to the sphere of intangible assets of a company or organization and that can bring economic effect. A special role in this area is played by Knowledge Management - knowledge management and staff development, as well as career management. All these issues were considered in the module. And we are happy that the representatives of Ukrainian business studying in the program are ready to understand how to keep staff in the company, how to develop it, how to keep knowledge within the company ("company memory") - in order to the enterprise was successful and new vectors of development and scaling were available to it.

Executive HRM is a program for business owners and top-managers who want to be able to manage staff effectively. You can register for the new set of programs here: Next group will start classes in October 2021.