Meet new Certified International Lean Experts!

Who can be considered as a Lean-expert? Who can be trusted to modernize the processes in the enterprise? Who will be able to train colleagues and monitor changes? Naturally, a person who has been trained and confirmed his level of expertise with an international certificate!

In December 2018, two specialists - Oksana Gordin, Malinska factory "Weidmann" and Svetlana Dzennik "Bel Shostka Ukraine" successfully passed the exam and received the qualification level CGBL® - Certified Green Belt by Lean. We sincerely congratulate Oksana and Svetlana with a remarkable personal achievement and wish to continue to successfully move in the direction of the Champion - Red Belt!

The next exam preparation group will begin training on February 2, 2019, and the next exam is scheduled for March 16. Do not miss the opportunity to join the certified Lean-community: get high-quality knowledge and confirm it internationally - together with KROK Business School!