Mediator: Job of the Future. Presentation of the program "Master in Mediation and Conflict Management"

Date: December 9. Time: 5 – 6:30 PM. Format: offline,

KROK Business School, st. Tabirna, 30-32, office 310

For whom: top managers, executives, entrepreneurs, HRD and HR specialists, attorneys, lawyers, judges, psychologists, consultants, coaches, police officers, government officials and all interested.

Conflicts are an integral part of our life. Companies, politicians with citizens, employers with employees, employees among themselves, family members are in conflict and cannot agree.

Many conflicts escalate into litigation, devastating people and companies financially and energetically, damaging the reputation of brands or destroying families. Is there an option to learn to resolve conflicts by consciously managing your well-being and those around you? Yes and its name is mediation and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) or conflict management. The civilized world has long been using these tools to resolve conflict situations.

At the presentation of the Master in Mediation and Conflict Management program, you will learn:

  • Why do people conflict and what kind of conflictogens trigger negative scenarios?
  • Why mediation will preserve relationships, save money and prevent negative consequences of disputes and conflicts?

Experts will tell you how to learn how to manage conflicts:

  • Olga Karpova, CEO of KROK Business School
  • Oksana Sedashova, Academic Director of the Master in Mediation and Conflict Management Program, International Counsellor of Mediation

At the presentation, you will learn how to enroll in the Master in Mediation and Conflict Management program and obtain a Master's degree.

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