Lean Leaders at BSK - KROK Business School

Lean Leadership - this is the hot topic that became the subject of discussion during the business breakfast "18 Lean Leader Principles", gathered an audience represented more than 20 companies in the morning of January 22 at KROK Business School.

Many companies today implement Lean-principles in the organizations and enterprises systems, but not everyone fully understands what beliefs, strategies and rules are followed does the Lean-leader have.

What qualities are inherent to the Lean leader, what tasks it faces, what his approaches create energy of involvement, how to prepare employees for changes and innovation, how to prevent stressful situations when introducing Lean, told Roman Romantsov - MBA, CGBL, IPMA Senior Project Manager, Business Coach, BSK KROK faculty, Business Consultant in Supply Chain Management and Lean Production Implementation (Lean, Kaizen), Manager of the Lean IIBLC® exam center in Ukraine.

Lean leaders' behavior is based on unshakable principles: respect for each employee, ability to ask questions in order to extract the root cause of a problem, an understanding of the importance of gathering information on the location of the problem, focusing on the details of the process that will always lead to a predetermined result. And of course, a qualified Lean leader has solid knowledge recognized by international independent certification. Certification of knowledge helps not only to understand how the Lean principles work, but also to strengthen the status of a leader, his authority, influence.

The opportunity to become a certified Lean expert is closer than you think now, since KROK Business School is the official accredited examination center of the IIBLC® International Independent Board for Lean Certification.

On February 2, the new CGBL® (Certified Green Belt in Lean) exam preparation program will start, and on March 16, the CGBL® exam will be held.

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