IIBLC Green BELT Certificates received!

We received great news from Antwerpen, Belgium. Two more students completed the training, successfully passed the exam and received IIBLC Green BELT Certificates.

We sincerely congratulate our students, and we are also happy that the family of certified specialists of the IIBLC Green BELT level is growing constantly and wish them success in the implementation of the acquired knowledge and skills.

The IIBLC LEAN Green Belt program helps to apply LEAN technologies and approaches in production, in service companies, in banks, hotels and other companies. Certified specialists will help to see and determine what needs to be improved, especially in times of martial law and saving of financial, human, and material resources.

How the training takes place:

✅ Classroom group classes on the philosophy and tools of LEAN - Lean Manufacturing

✅ Practical exercises for checking and consolidating the acquired theoretical knowledge and skills in using LEAN - Lean Manufacturing tools

✅ Discussion of practical business cases on the implementation of LEAN - Lean Manufacturing in various companies

✅ Individual independent training with the support of the Instructor

✅ Simulation of the exam with further discussion of the results

Currently, KROK Business School offers training in two formats: online and offline.

IIBLC® offers objective, independent confirmation of knowledge and skills in the field of LEAN strategy to both companies and individuals, and is also a global benchmark in the field of training of qualified personnel through standard certification levels. The program is universal: it covers all aspects of Lean: manufacturing, services, healthcare, engineering and more.

Offline training will start on February 11, 2023. You can learn more about training at the link:

It is a time to open a new opportunities for yourself and your companies!