BSK Innovation Day - we discuss the innovative development of Ukraine

KROK Business School has become the main platform for discussing the way of introducing innovations in Ukraine. On May 18, PEREMOGA SPACE hosted BSK Innovation Day in the format of an offline mitap and panel discussion. This event became the final one, which concludes the World Week of Creativity and Innovation in Ukraine, which is organized for the second year in a row by the KROK Business School.

Special invited guests of BSK Innovation Day were Anton Melnyk - an expert on innovation, investment and startups at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Lydia Pashchuk - President K.Fund and Sergey Koval - Head of Digital Transformation at the bank. The discussion was moderated by Olga Karpova, CEO of KROK Business School.

Anton Melnyk spoke in detail about the innovations initiated and implemented by the Ministry of Ukraine - a young ministry that makes the lives of Ukrainian citizens easier and simpler - in one click. Anton spoke about the work of the ministry's teams on ideas for future innovations, what challenges they face, how they research trends and problems.

During the discussion, the audience heard one of the most important insights from Lydia Pashchuk: in order to create innovations, it is necessary to develop education by reorienting the educational process to innovation. This is exactly what K.Fund and KROK Business School do, whose areas of activity include education and professional business education, in particular in the field of creative and innovative thinking for various target audiences.

Serhiy Koval, who is engaged in digital transformation in the bank, made an interesting and informative speech. The banking sector is a very competitive environment, and in order to retain a customer, it is necessary to study his experience and implement innovations that improve the customer's experience of interaction with the bank and build his loyalty. First of all, it's digital innovations like "banking in a smartphone", as well as those related to customer support. In the future, the banking sector will face innovations related to personalized customer experience, cryptocurrencies and digital money, as well as a change in the positioning of banks from branding to convenient services.

Many questions from the visitors of the event, endless discussion - this testifies to the lively interest of Ukrainians in the innovative development of Ukraine. And there is interest - there will be innovations - in all areas! So let's be creative and proactive for the future - together with KROK Business School!

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